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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Martyr's Day, January 30, 2022 Martyr's Day 2022 https://m.timesofindia.com/videos/news/martyrs-day-why-is-it-celebrated-on-30th-january/videoshow/80570032.cms Good Morning Happy Birthday to all readers having Birthday during the week ending Saturday February 5, 2022. Best Wishes. Nice Day M G Warrier Next issue of Collage is being scheduled for February 2, 2022. Air India is now owned by TATAS : https://youtu.be/FVh1hj13VK4 (Link Courtesy : Shivram Shetty Ex-RBI Mumbai) Long live the Maharaja 🙏-Warrier A Messages Many Thanks for all responses from readers. Personal messages are being answered individually 🙏-Warrier B Current Affairs 1) Multidimensional Poverty Index : Kottayam District in Kerala with Zero Poverty Level https://youtu.be/Xe-HhMfTH3E 2) RBI : The institution that guards India https://m.rbi.org.in/Scripts/BS_SpeechesView.aspx?Id=1195 RBI’s Pandemic Response: Stepping out of Oblivion (Keynote Address delivered by Michael Debabrata Patra, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India - January 28, 2022 - at the C D Deshmukh Memorial Lecture organised by the Council for Social Development, Hyderabad) Excerpts : "In the hallowed tradition of central banks, the RBI as an institution shuns the glare of the limelight, preferring to remain unglorified and grounded. Yet when the chips are down and crises loom, it rises up from the depths that it inhabits and flings itself at the gathering storm. When the job is done, the recovery secured and macroeconomic and financial stability ensured, it falls back, usually unsung, but always on guard. The pandemic continues to shape the future, but the RBI remains armed and battle ready. Continuously evaluating highly volatile and uncertain conditions and remaining prepared to protect the economy from shocks, the RBI has committed all its instruments to this objective, using conventional measures and fashioning new ones, as the pandemic experience showed. The lessons of the pandemic will be imbibed and the RBI will emerge stronger and more resilient than before, and committed to its mandate of price stability, keeping in mind the objective of growth." Media Response : This refers to the report "Easy policy has served us well, says RBI's Patra, playing down the 'behind -the-curve' critique."(The Hindu Business Line, January 29) In the recent economic history, perhaps the four years beginning FY2019 saw the period when Fiscal and Monetary Policies found a healthy and harmonious relationship equation with the least friction between the RBI and GOI. Credit goes in equal measure to Team RBI and Delhi. Unlike Finance Ministry, RBI is very conservative in claiming credit for its activities or even in defending attacks. The following concluding observation by Deputy Governor Patra deserves a second reading in this context : "In the hallowed tradition of central banks, the RBI as an institution shuns the glare of the limelight, preferring to remain unglorified and grounded. Yet when the chips are down and crises loom, it rises up from the debths that it inhabits and flings itself at the gathering storm. When the job is done, the recovery secured and macroeconomic and financial stability ensured, it falls back, usually unsung, but always on guard. The pandemic continues to shape the future, but the RBI remains armed and battle ready..." The need to protect India's central bank from manipulative moves by vested interests cannot be wished away lightly. M G Warrier Thiruvananthapuram 3) New CEA appointment https://youtu.be/jFN80Q--5ag 4) PMC Bank News RBI Press Release https://m.rbi.org.in/Scripts/BS_PressReleaseDisplay.aspx?prid=53171 Media Reports https://www.livemint.com/news/india/pmc-bank-merged-with-unity-small-finance-bank-with-immediate-effect-rbi-11643119998575.html C Rare breed of cows : Vechur Cow* https://youtu.be/Rc7367DGeJQ Know more https://www.dairyknowledge.in/article/vechur Excerpts : "Vechur is one of the dwarf cattle breeds of India, with an average length of 124 cm and height of 87 cm, it is considered to the smallest cattle breed in the world. It is known by the name of a place Vechur - a small place by the side of Vembanad lake near Vaikam in Kottayam district of South Kerala. The breeding tract includes Alapuzzha/ Alleppey, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta and Kasargode districts of Kerala. The animals are light red, black or fawn and white in colour. In bulls, colour in between fore and hindquarters is relatively dark or dark grey. Horns are small, thin curving forward and downward. In some cases, they are extremely small and are hardly visible." *Link Courtesy : Shaji Kurup D Spirituality/Faith 1) Sunday Collage : V T Panchapagesan SUNDAY COLLAGE Many people ask me what is the secret to life... All the great ones of humanity have borne testimony saying that man is his own friend, and also man is also his foe... We think good thoughts, positive thoughts, we become our own friends..We also think negative thoughts, thoughts of defeat and despair, then we turn into our own enemies. Attitude is more important than education, bank balance, influence, position, and power and the circumstance in which we are placed.. Dr Radhakrishnan when he went to USA, the weather was dark and stormy in Washington and when he alighted from the plane, it began to pour cats and dogs as the expression goes.. The then President, John F Kennedy greeted him with a warm handshake and a smile saying that he was sorry we have such bad weather ....Our President smiled and said that we cannot change bad things. But we can change our attitude to them.. The following steps will help us to cultivate a positive attitude.. 1 Empty our mind of all negative thoughts and fill it with fresh, invigorating, positive thoughts. Set aside time daily to give our mind a good shampoo. 2 An expert tailor says that the best way to keep clothes in good shape is to make sure that the pockets are emptied when they are hung up. We may infer from this, that the best way to keep ourselves and our lives in good shape is to empty our minds of all worries, anxieties, tensions and negative thoughts before we retire for the night.... Then we can begin the new day with energy, vigor, and freshness.. 3 Whenever our mind is driving us towards negative thinking, affirm to ourselves positive thoughts that will change the track of our thinking.. 4. Our scriptures are all full of dynamic, positive, energetic thoughts which have the power to boost our morale and keep our spirits high.. Let us choose any thought and repeat it to ourselves constantly... V T Panchapagesan https://youtu.be/oLcIjxkIsT8 (Link Courtesy : M G Warrier) 2) Dr Charan Singh's Tweets (@CharanSingh60) Tweeted: Unity in Diversity - 143 कीचड़ि हाथु न बूडई एका नदरि निहालि नानक गुरमुखि उबरे गुरु सरवरु सची पालि With God's grace, hand does not get dirty in the mud (temptations) Embankments of lake are strong. Guru protects devotee from slipping (in temptations) Guru Nanak, 1410, SGGS https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1486043261760585728?s=20 charan singh (@CharanSingh60) Tweeted: Unity in Diversity - 144 जे सउ चंदा उगवहि सूरज चड़हि हजार एते चानण होदिआं गुर बिनु घोर अंधार गुरु अंगद, गुरु ग्रंथ साहिब illumination of 100 moons + thousand suns So much brightness/light Alas Without the Guru, total darkness Guru Anghad, Rag Assa, 463, SGGS https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1486398598204227585?s=20 charan singh (@CharanSingh60) Tweeted: Unity in Diversity - 145 मनमुख नामु न जाणनी विणु नावै पति जाइ सबदै सादु न आइओ लागे दूजै भाइ विसटा के कीड़े पवहि विचि विसटा से विसटा माहि समाइ Person following mind (not Guru) has badly lost - life of worm in filth (dirt of vices) Amardass, Srirag, 28, SGGS https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1486753782302056458?s=20 E Media Response Letters* January 26, 2022 Budget exercise This refers to the article "Coming, a Budget for consolidation" by Madan Sabnavis (The Hindu Business Line, January 26). Budget is always a deft balancing act. More so, it has always been, for the Indian Finance Minister, due to internal and external pressures in addition to self-imposed financial discipline. Those now working on the Budget for FY23 can work in a more relaxed manner as it would be possible to explain away some of the deviations from the expectations using compulsions of the uncertainties caused by continuing threats of COVID waves. Luckily for the government we have a lazy opposition reluctant to do homework on their own. They wait for the final budget documents and pick up some inconsistencies or inadequacies to remain in the limelight for a couple of days after presentation of the budget. Real debates are avoided by encouraging disruptions. India is yet to map the country's real domestic resources idling unmapped and unaccounted. These include real estate, domestic gold stock and untapped potential for industrial development including food processing and tourism development. M G Warrier Thiruvananthapuram *Published online on January 26, 2022 : https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/article64940507.ece F Leisure 1) Why, Why?* The Origins of some of our strange customs... 1. WHY: Why do men’s clothes have buttons on the right, while women’s clothes have buttons on the left? BECAUSE: When buttons were invented, they were very expensive and worn primarily by the rich. Since most people are right-handed, it is easier to push buttons on the right through holes on the left. As wealthy women were dressed by maids, dressmakers put the buttons on the maid’s right! And that’s where women’s buttons have remained since. 2. WHY: Why do ships and aircraft use ‘Mayday!’ as their call for help? BECAUSE: This comes from the French word _m’aidez_ – meaning, ‘help me’ – and is pronounced, approximately, ‘Mayday.’ 3. WHY: Why are zero scores in tennis called ‘love’? BECAUSE: In France, where tennis became popular, the round zero on the scoreboard looked like an egg and was called ‘l’oeuf,’ which is French for ‘the egg.’ When tennis was introduced in the US, Americans (naturally), mispronounced it ‘love.’ And then the word stuck on. 4. WHY: Why do X’s at the end of a letter signify kisses? BECAUSE: In the Middle Ages, when many people were unable to read or write, documents were often signed using an X. Kissing the X represented an oath to fulfill obligations specified in the document. The X and the kiss eventually became synonymous. 5. WHY: Why is shifting responsibility to someone else called ‘passing the buck’? BECAUSE: In card games, it was once customary to pass an item, called a buck, from player to player to indicate whose turn it was to deal. If a player did not wish to assume the responsibility of dealing, he would ‘pass the buck’ to the next player. 6. WHY: Why do people clink their glasses before drinking a toast? BECAUSE: In earlier times it used to be common for someone to try to kill an enemy by offering him a poisoned drink. To prove to a guest that a drink was safe, it became customary for a guest to pour a small amount of his drink into the glass of the host. Both men would drink it simultaneously. When a guest trusted his host, he would only touch or clink the host’s glass with his own. 7. WHY: Why are people in the public eye said to be ‘in the limelight’? BECAUSE: Invented in 1825, limelight was used in lighthouses and theatres by burning a cylinder of lime which produced a brilliant light. In the theatre, a performer ‘in the limelight’ was the centre of attention. 8. WHY: Why is someone who is feeling great ‘on cloud nine’? BECAUSE: Types of clouds are numbered according to the altitudes they attain, with nine being the highest cloud. If someone is said to be on cloud nine, then that person is floating well above worldly cares. 9. WHY: In golf, where did the term ‘Caddie’ come from? BECAUSE: When Mary, Queen of Scots, went to France as a young girl; Louis, King of France, learned that she loved the Scots game ‘golf.’ He had the first course outside of Scotland built for her enjoyment. To make sure she was properly chaperoned (and guarded) while she played, Louis hired cadets from a military school to accompany her. Mary liked this a lot and when she returned to Scotland (not a very good idea in the long run), she took the practice home with her. In French, the word cadet is pronounced ‘ca-day’ and the Scots changed it into caddie. 10. WHY : Why are many coin collection jar banks shaped like pigs? BECAUSE: Long ago, dishes and cookware in Europe were made of dense orange clay called ‘pygg’. When people saved coins in jars made of this clay, the jars became known as ‘pygg banks.’ When an English potter misunderstood the word, he made a container that resembled a pig. And it caught on. *Received from Dr T V Surendran Mananthavady 2) Steven Alexander Wright* Steven Alexander Wright (born December 6, 1955) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and film producer. He is known for his distinctly lethargic voice and slow, deadpan delivery of ironic, philosophical and sometimes nonsensical jokes, paraprosdokians, non sequiturs, anti-humor, and one-liners with contrived situations If you're not familiar with the work of Steven Wright, he's the famous Erudite (comic) scientist who once said: "I woke up one morning, and all of my stuff had been stolen and replaced by exact duplicates." He sees things differently than most of us. Here are some of his gems: 1 - I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize. 2 - Borrow money from pessimists -- they don't expect it back. 3 - Half the people you know are below average. 4 - 99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name. 6 - A conscience is what hurts when all your other parts feel so good. 7 - A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory. 8 - If you want the rainbow, you have got to put up with the rain. 9 - All those who believe in psycho kinesis, raise my hand. 10 - The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. 11 - I almost had a psychic girlfriend, ...... But sh left me before we met. 12 - OK, so what's the speed of dark? 13 - How do you tell when you're out of invisible ink? 14 - If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something. 15 - Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm. 16 - When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane. 17 - Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy. 18 - Hard work pays off in the future; laziness pays off now. 19 - I intend to live forever... So far, so good. 21 - Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines. 22 - What happens if you get scared half to death twice? 23 - My mechanic told me, "I couldn't repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder." 24 - Why do psychics have to ask you for your name. 25 - If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried. 26 - A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking. 27 - Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it. 28 - The hardness of the butter is proportional to the softness of the bread. 29 - To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research. 30 - The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard. 31 - The sooner you fall behind, the more time you'll have to catch up. 32 - The colder the x-ray table, the more of your body is required to be on it. 33 - Everyone has a photographic memory; some just don't have film. 34 - If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you. And the all-time favourite - 35 - If your car could travel at the speed of light, would your headlights work? *Received from A P Ramadurai 3) A funny language HOW ENGLISH AND ENGLISHMEN MAKE FUN OF EACH OTHER* Enjoy the Fun & the Pun. Q: Can February March? A: No. But April May! Q: Did you hear about the painter who was hospitalised? A: Reports say it was due to too many strokes! Q: Have you heard the joke about the butter? A: I better not tell you, it might spread! Q: How do you know that carrots are good for your eyesight? A: Have you ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses? Q: Music Teacher: What's your favourite musical instrument? A: Kid: The lunch bell! Q: What did the triangle say to the circle? A: You’re pointless! Q: What do you call a ghosts mom and dad? A: Transparents! Q: What do you call a group of men waiting for a haircut? A: A Barbercue! Q: What do you call a person that chops up cereal A: A cereal killer! Q: What do you call a South American girl who is always in a hurry? A: Urgent Tina! Q: What do you call two fat people having a chat? A: A heavy discussion! Q: What kind of emotions do noses feel? A: Nostalgia! Q: What kind of shorts do clouds wear? A: Thunderwear! Q: What's easy to get into but hard to get out of? A: Trouble! Q: Where do boats go to when they get sick? A: The dock! Q: Who cleans the bottom of the ocean? A: A Mer-Maid! Q: Why can't a leopard hide? A: Because he's always spotted! Q: Why can't your nose be 12 inches long? A: Because then it would be a foot! Q: Why did the barber win the race? A: Because he took a short cut! Q: Why did the boy tiptoe past the medicine cabinet? A: He didn't want to wake the sleeping pills! Q: Why did the tomato turn red? A: It saw the salad dressing! Q: Why did the tree go to the dentist? A: To get a root canal! Q: Why don't you see giraffes in elementary school? A: Because they're all in High School! Q: Why was the maths book sad? A: Because it had too many problems! *Contributed by A P Ramadurai Bonus* US Astronaut Neil Armstrong was the 1st man to walk on the Moon, on 20th July, 1969, 52 years ago. As Commander of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module, when Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon, his 1st words were: "One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind!" That was televised all over the world, and millions heard it. But just as he re-entered the Lunar Lander, he made the enigmatic remark: "Good luck, Mr. Gorsky!" Many people at NASA wondered who that casual remark was directed at. Upon checking, it was found that there was no Mr Gorsky in either the Soviet or the US Space Programs. Over the years, Neil Armstrong was repeatedly asked the background to that remark about Mr Gorsky. In response, Armstrong only smiled but never gave any explanation. Finally, on July 5, 1995, in Tampa Bay, Florida, a reporter once again asked Neil Armstrong, the 26-year-old question, about Mr Gorsky. By this time, Mr. Gorsky had passed away, so Neil Armstrong felt able to answer the question. In 1938, when Neil Armstrong, as a kid in a small mid-western town, was playing Baseball with a friend in his parents' backyard, they hit the Ball into their neighbours' backyard, below their bedroom window. Neil Armstrong went to fetch the ball & heard the neighbour's wife Mrs. Gorsky, yelling at Mr Gorsky: "Sex! You Want Sex?!? You'll get Sex when the kid next door walks on the Moon!!!" Neil Armstrong's family have subsequently verified this story as truth. Women! In their anger, can change the history of mankind. God Bless! *Received from Shivram Shetty Ex-RBI Mumbai G Books/Articles by M G Warrier 1) Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/M-G-Warrier/e/B079ZC3JKX%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share 2) Amazon.in https://www.amazon.in/dp/1636335896/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_3SBTF2B4P6H8FWE2V8GQ 3) Moneylife.in/M G Warrier https://www.moneylife.in/author/mg-warrier.html 4) For missed issues of Collage : www.warriersblog.com H Lead Article By Vathsala Jayaraman Recently I read a few passages in English. Here is a conversation between a boy and a girl. He smiles, "even if I think you're being rather subjunctive and moody about all this, I so admire your figure of speech that I would like to predicate my life on yours." So he gets himself into an indicative mood and says, "It would be appreciated by me if you would be married to me" "Are you being passive aggressive?" she asks interrogatively "That's quite a compliment," she blushes -- and gives him 'appositive' response. At the ceremonies they exchange wedding vowels about the compound subject of marriage. Throughout their marriage, their structure is perfectly parallel and their verbs never disagree with their subjects. After many a linking verve, comma splice and interjection, they conceive the perfect parenthesis. Then come some missing periods and powerful contractions, and into the world is born their beautiful little boy.They know it is a boy because of its dangling participle!" On reading this passage I could not but be reminded of Wren and Martin. English grammar was knocked into our heads- sometimes literally- by stern teachers who wouldn't stand for metaphors being mixed or conjunctions being tossed about loosely. I have a faded copy with pages falling. The single cause of the falling standards of the English language in India is that no one uses Wren & Martin anymore. Should we really care if the spellings change, if grammar is thrown out of the window and non-English words creep into the language at an alarming rate? Should we wag our collective fingers at our children for mangling the language in their emails, text messages, and essays? After all language is a means of communication. As long as others understand what we express, what harm is there if we swerve a little from perfect grammar? Many ask this question. On reading the above passage , I am reminded of a poem 'Grammarian's Funeral' written by Robert Browning. The grammarian lived nameless in pursuit of mastering his studies with perfection focussing it on Greek Grammar. He sacrificed his youth and health for the sake of Grammar. He thought that his grammar would give him true understanding of life.. The question is whether it is better to live the life or understand one's life. The two cannot be simultaneous. Experiencing a moment is totally different from contemplating about it. The grammarian solely devoted his life in the study of Grammar and lost his health and life. There is always a tendency to degrade grammar and set aside its importance saying that we need not be very particular about grammatical construction unless we take special courses in language. For others it is said that they should read a lot, write a lot without caring for grammar rules. As the vocabulary improves and correct usages are learnt, automatically grammar will get set even without knowing technical terms in Grammar. My father, being an English teacher ensured that our summer holidays were spent on doing exercises in Wren and Martin. My son and grandson write very good flawless English, though they do not know much of Grammar rules. Here comes in handy the episode in the life of Narayana Bhattathiri who wrote Naraayaneeyam. Poonthaanam, another great poet who wrote in Malayalam, had also come there to worship Krishna. One day he took some of his Malayalam poems to Bhattathiri to correct them but was dismissed with the haughty remark by Bhattathri that Poonthanam had no knowledge of Sanskrit and that he didn't know the correct meaning of even Malayalam words and grammar and that the construction of verses was very poor. Poonthanam went back dejected. Lord Guruvayurappan appeared in Bhattathri's dream and said that he preferred Poonthanam's Bhakthi to Bhattathiri's Vibhakti, that is grammatical knowledge. Narayanabhattathri realised that it was a blow to his haughtiness and apologized to Poonthanam. I leave it friends to conclude what Lord Krishna suggested. Vathsala Jayaraman No further proof needed. Please note the joke was included under F Leisure in Collage 🙏-Warrier Show quoted text


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