Resources Management

Focus on better resources management This refers to the report "Government's efforts to strengthen public sector banks paying off : FM" (November 8). Post-independence, India has nurtured public sector institutions with care and depended heavily on them for achieving economic growth objectives including financial inclusion. India may be the only country to use financial institutions consciously as a conduit for resources management to achieve social objectives. From the setting up of SBI to the present reorganization of PSBs, RBI and GOI have played their roles excellently well. Simultaneously the private sector participants in the industry, from Tatas to the new startups now coming up have also been supporting development initiatives in a big way. The need of the day is to provide a level playing field for public and private sector participants. That will instill a feeling in the public mind that nation's resources are safe in both sectors. Appropriate regulatory and supervisory systems should be put in place to restore public trust in governance. M G Warrier Mumbai


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