Warrier's Collage on Sunday November 20, 2022

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Sunday November 20, 2022 Attitude https://youtu.be/pFnYxasA-24 (Link shared by R Jayakumar) Good Morning 🌻 Happy Birthday to all readers having Birthday during the week ending Saturday November 26, 2022. Ayurarogyasaukhyam 🙏 and Best Wishes to all readers. Nice Day M G Warrier A Messages/Responses 1) Sitendra Kumar Thanks for the source called Collage which enlightens me a lot. The first thing which made me a lot optimistic is the video on Aging Graceful by Franklin Misquith. In ten years the life expectancy at 90-95. Shri Warrier, an occasion for all of us to rejoice. The painting by Reshmy Warrier depicting the natural scenery, the images of the trees and the sky falling on water, mesmerises us all. The magnanimity of Lord Hanuman in destroying his own version of Ramayana engraved on rocks further enhances his stature in the eyes of humanity. In Para C, there are several comments on packing and delivering which touch the core of the heart especially that of Air Commodore Vishal. The Collage is full of educative material which helps in our becoming a better person. Sitendra Kumar 2) C V Subbaraman Apropos Babusenan's beautiful description on Sundara Kaanda: Hanuman's mother Anjali Devi used to call Hanuman endearingly as "Sundara". Since the Canto is devoted to the exploits, bravery, valour and power of Hanumaan, Vaalmiiki chose to name this portion as Sundara Kaanda. This is the only Kaanda of which recital (paaraayana) in specific manners as given in the text is believed to bestow desired result to the reciter. It is the usual practice to recite this Kaanda during the Navaraathri festival - complete the recital in nine days. Subbaraman B Current Affairs Constitution Day, 2022 : November 26, 2022 Reading Preamble of the Constitution* HRMD, CO vide its circular dated November 14, 2022 informed that the Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, GoI, New Delhi on November 7, 2022 communicated regarding the celebration of the Constitution Day, i.e. November 26, 2022 and requested all regional offices/central office departments/training establishments to make necessary arrangements for reading preamble of constitution at 11.00 am on November 25, 2022 (November 26th , being Saturday). It is indicated to conduct activities like webinars/talks on constitutional values and fundamental principles of the Indian Constitution. *Source : Newsletter C Sunday Collage : 1) V T Panchapagesan SUNDAY COLLAGE SEVERE DEPRESSION, FREE FROM IT There is a silver lining in everything that happens, And in every person too. One has to challenge it by starting to see life in a better light. A 60 year old gentleman was suffering from deep depression and his wife booked an appointment with a counselor. The wife said : "He is in severe depression, please see to it." The Counselor began his counseling by asking some personal things while the gentleman's wife sat outside. The gentleman spoke, and it went this way :“I am too much worried. In fact, I am overwhelmed by worries - family issues, job pressure, friends, children's education, and job tension, mortgage loan, car loan, etc. I have lost interest in everything that I used to like. The world thinks of me as a cannon, they think I have everything, but I don't have as much stuff as even a cartridge. I am very depressed.” Then the learned Counselor asked him : "Which secondary school did you attend." The gentleman told him the name of the school. The counselor said, I want to advise that you go to that school. When you get to the school, locate your 'Class register' if it is still there, look up the names of your peers and try to get information about their current well being. Write down all the information you get about them and meet me after a month! The gentleman went to his former school, found the register, and copied every name in it. There were 120 names in all. He tried day and night throughout one month, but was barely able to collect information on about 75-80 of his classmates. Surprise results ..!!! 20 of them were dead. 7 were widows/widowers. 13 were divorced. 10 turned out to be drug addicts. 5 came out so poor that nobody could even connect with them. 6 turned out to be so rich that he couldn't believe it. Some were cancerous, some were paralyzed, some were diabetic, asthmatic, heart disease patients. A couple of them were in bed with injuries to the arm/leg or spinal cord. The children of some turned out to be insane, vagabonds, etc. One was in jail. One person after two divorces was seeking for a third marriage. The counselor asked - "Now tell me how is your depression?" The gentleman understood that he had no disease, he was not starving, his mind was perfect, he was not unlucky. He was lucky that his wife and children were very good and healthy. He was also healthy, he could afford three meals daily. His challenges paled in significance to that of others. That gentleman realized that, there's really a lot of sorrow in the world, and that he was very happy and lucky. Leave the habit of peeping into other people's plates (people's fortune or misfortune), take the food on your plate with love. Don't compare your life with others'. Everyone is moving according to his or her destiny, you are neither late nor early. In everything good or bad, great or small, thank God and be Grateful. Sending you good vibes to start your morning with positive energy. I have now learnt to become FEARLESS, RECOGNIZING FROM ILLUSION TO REAL WHICH IS WISE. Towards FREEDOM FROM SEVERE DEPRESSION. V T Panchapagesan* *Turned 90 on January 2, 2020. Wish him Ayurarogyasaukhyam 🙏 health and happiness. We seek his blessings-Warrier 2) Dr Charan Singh https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1593718770748379138?t=ycgg7UL9zATJRK_Nizbo6g&s=08 Unity in Diversity - 440 देखि कुट्मबु मोहि लोभाणा चलदिआ नालि न जाई सतगुरु सेवि गुण निधानु पाइआ तिस दी कीम न पाई हरि प्रभु सखा मीतु प्रभु मेरा अंते होइ सखाई Engrossed in family: does not go along True Guru blesses priceless Treasure God, a friend supports in the end Guru Amardas D Collage Letter : R Jayakumar Dear Warrier Thank you for forwarding the link* to Warrier's Views dated 12 Oct 22 titled 'Have Some Compassion Towards Professionals'. It gave me a sad feeling to read in it the desperation expressed by Dr Rajas Deshpande about the thankless behaviour of patients and their relatives coming for treatment to him forcing him to think of giving up his profession altogether. Though there are many black sheeps in every profession the rest are very duty conscious and sincere in carrying out their profession resulting in full consumer satisfaction. We are proud and happy that one of our group member's own son is a specialist and devoted doctor who attends to both the new borns and the old on death beds treating them kind-heartedly and giving them new lease of life. You know about whom I am taking about, it is the paediatrician son of Mr Nallasivan. Nallasivan himself is a friend of everyone in the group and a daring writer who pours out his heart on any subject discussed by us. Hats off to Nallasivan and his son for their good neighbourly behaviour. Coming back to the woes of professionals, it is very sad that many of us fail to acknowledge the risk and uncertainties involved in their work and start blaming them if the outcome of their work goes awry. It is because nowadays we see everything in terms of money. No humanitarian approach from both sides. 'I give you money and you give me what I ask and what you promise, nothing more nothing less'. Whether it is a CA or a doctor or an engineer or a person in authority, they all need to be appreciated for their good work with a thankful heart. I don't stop myself from going little a farther on this. Whether it is the watchman at the society gate, or the dobhi who comes to take clothes for ironing twice a week or the sweeper on the street on municipal duty or the man who washes the car or the postman who comes once a week or the house maid or the newspaper vender or anyone in this category...I never fail to ask them from time to time about their health condition, family welfare, and satisfaction in their job. They all are professionals in their own way. As I need the services of auto drivers and cab drivers most often, whether they overcharge or undercharge I never fail to say 'thank you' before leaving and if I find them in a sad, worried or irritated mood or sick I softly ask them if anything is wrong and you know if we have a few seconds to listen to what they say their mood changes and they drive away with a calm face. R Jayakumar Dear Jayakumar Really overwhelmed by your detailed response. If comfortable, do copy -paste your observations as comments under my Times Blog. If you find it difficult, I will do it. The doctor's note was forwarded to me by my brother-in-law Dr T V Surendran, Mananthavady who himself is a paediatrician treating kids since 1965. His 1960's patients reach him nowadays with grandchildren and great grandchildren for consultation. Nallasivan's son treats and save kids even much younger than those being treated by Dr Surendran. I'm aware of, and am a beneficiary of the services Neonatologists provide. (Neonatology is a subspecialty of pediatrics that consists of the medical care of newborn infants, especially the ill or premature newborn. It is a hospital-based specialty, and is usually practised in neonatal intensive care units) *The link copied below : https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/have-compassion-towards-professionals-45662/ Regards 🙏 M G Warrier E Blogs & Links Collage Time Management https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/timemanagement/time-management-a-skill-which-will-hold-your-hand-towards-success-46611/ F Leisure 1) "Now" is the time you have https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/heal-the-mind-heal-the-body/202211/creative-recipe-better-appreciate-life Why do we often only appreciate what we have after it's gone? Why can't we appreciate what we have while we still have it? Is there a recipe to do so? When I was married to my late husband, Steve, we had a very busy life, me with my private medical practice, he with his stressful work as a systems engineer. We knew we were happy but we didn't really take the time to savor our happiness. We were planning to live into our nineties and knew we would have all the time then to appreciate life and to go for walks holding hands. (Link Selection inspired by Sunday Collage) 2) Astrology* 🔍 ASTROLOGY 🔎 Mr Rao went to a leading astrologer paid Rs 5116/- fee and asked him a question " When will I die and under what circumstances?" Astrologer thoroughly analyzed the horoscope, gone through some books and said "See Mr Rao, your horoscope is excellent. You have a long life. Very clearly you will live upto the same age as your father, die at the same place he dies and in the same circumstances ".... Even as the Astrologer was continuing, Mr Rao ran from the place, went to the old age home and brought his father back home. *Shared on FB by S Venugopal Chennai G Quotes on Neonatology https://www.romper.com/p/nicu-awareness-month-instagram-captions-that-show-your-support-for-families-caretakers-32691256


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