Return on investment

November 18, 2022 Return on investment This refers to the report "At Rs18,719 cr, Centre's PSU dividend receipts close to 50% of FY23 target" (The Hindu Business Line, November 18). While some estimates and projections about dividend receipts from PSUs can't be avoided as part of budget exercises, tracking targets and comparisons in such exercises puts pressures on individual institutions. Gradually government is taking note of this and the awareness gets reflected in conservative estimates resulting in overshooting of targets in recent years. Expecting reasonable return on investment and ploughing back surplus income on a need-based basis are part of prudent resources management. Simultaneously, government need to tap the possibility of mapping resources and making industries reinvest an agreed portion of surplus income back, irrespective of whether the units are in the public or private sector. Corporates in the private sector which availed several concessions/advantages during the last Century should be encouraged to pay back to the society much beyond the CSR expectations. M G Warrier Mumbai


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