Apex Court and Constitution

Letters to the editor April 19, 2023 Apex Court and Constitution This refers to the article "A judgment that upholds the Constitution" (The Hindu, April 19). The author has covered several aspects which make the responsibility of the Apex Court controversial in public eye off and on. At the moment, the background and a relatively long tenure the incumbent Chief Justice D Y Chandrachud has, is a once in a Century opportunity to review and set right the anomalous situations that have arisen owing to the insurmountable backlog in judicial decisions across the courts. While on the subject, one is also tempted to think of the levels of jurisdiction conceived by the authors of Indian Constitution. Subjects covered by the Constitution were classified into three groups namely 'Central', 'State' and 'Concurrent' for the purposes of jurisdiction. Perhaps time is opportune to review the levels of jurisdiction of judiciary also. Burdening the Apex Court with issues which have more local relevance, eats into the precious time of higher level judiciary. Lawmakers need to consider legislating in favour of issues which have no multi-state or national level relevance being decided finally at the High Court level. M G Warrier Mumbai


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