World Book Day 2023

Good Morning April 23 is observed as World Book Day : WORLD BOOK AND COPYRIGHT DAY 2023: Books are reservoirs of knowledge. They expose us to worlds, both imaginary and real, that we are unable to traverse in our lifetimes. Books inform, entertain, thrill and captivate readers. The protection of authors’ rights is vital. World Book and Copyright Day, also known as World Book Day and International Day of the Book, is celebrated on April 23, annually. Bonus : William Shakespeare William Shakespeare, Shakespeare also spelled Shakspere, byname Bard of Avon or Swan of Avon, (baptized April 26, 1564, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England—died April 23, 1616, Stratford-upon-Avon), English poet, dramatist, and actor often called the English national poet and considered by many to be the greatest dramatist of all time. ...And why I'm interested 🤣 in World Book Day I have published some books including "Chasing Inclusive Growth" M G Warrier M 134


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