Back in Mumbai after a short visit to God's Own Country

Back in Amchi Mumbai after a short visit to God's Own Country Good Morning and Nice Day We are back home @Dreams, Bhandup after a month long Kerala trip. Despite several constraints and changes in travel plans, we could remain travel-fit and return home. A celebrity wedding in Angamali (April 18), RBI Retirees Family Get-together in Thiruvananthapuram (March 29) and our (Sudha and I) 50th Wedding Anniversary on April 8 were the major events we covered. But for me, vacating our Sastamangalam house for letting out, meeting senior relatives and friends and spending time with them were the priorities. Missing to meet some of the ailing relatives and inability to include some of the relatives and friends in the itinerary, as inevitabiities of time management will remain permanent regrets. Will try to explain later. A big thank you to all who shared their time and resources to be with us during our Kerala visit, 2023. Regards 🙏 M G Warrier


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