'Debate the quantum but don’t deny there’s been a loss' - The Hindu

'Debate the quantum but don’t deny there’s been a loss' - The Hindu
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Vinod Rai has been an unusually lucky civil servant, who could get 
opportunity to express his views in public whenever vested interests 
put him in the dock. In retrospect, he may not regret the criticism 
from political leadership, as that gave him an opportunity to place 
audit as a relevant tool for improving governance. This interview 
explains the rationale and relevance of performance audit and could 
form the basis for future CAGs to mould their vision about their 

For quite sometime now, CAG is being harassed and criticized for 
performing normal duties expected of him, by a government caged by the 
rich and the powerful. Performance Audit has been a tool used by CAG 
since 1960’s. What Vinod Rai and his predecessor have done is just to 
sharpen the tool by infusing expertise into the audit team. By 
training and educating cadres down below and bringing professionalism 
in the performance of audit function, they improved the functional 
efficiency of the office.
from:  M G WARRIER
Posted on: May 5, 2013 at 09:41 IST  


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