Give them food, not money - Business Line

Give them food, not money - Business Line

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    This is a timely suggestion, when government is managing to shirk social responsibility by converting all goods and services into IRDP (Itna Rupaya Dena Padega, meaning ‘this much money will have to be paid’). The concept of ‘kind component’ insisting disbursement of a portion of loans for agriculture in the form of inputs (quality seeds, manure etc) had worked successfully especially in cooperative sector during the initial days of financing agricultural production in India. This component was known as ‘B’ component of the agricultural loan and ‘A’ and ‘C’ components respectively represented main cash component for agricultural operations and a small amount to meet consumption needs of the farmer’s family. The centralised approach to resource mobilization and distribution of benefits via direct cash transfer makes government’s work easy and consolidated figures of expenditure impressive. ‘Cash’ loses its identity once it changes hands and prescriptions about its end-use depend on choices of the person who spends it, as broadly brought out in this article. When the options are between Food and Medicine or Uniforms and Books for the child and shelter or buying Water or Milk (leaving alcohol or gambling, perhaps!) policy tools become ineffective. As the need to make such choices does not confront those in charge of governance, policy is always infected by the whims of the rich and the powerful. In the above context, subsidized food coupons, free medical aid, subsidized housing, help in old age, care for the challenged, cheaper education and support for the unemployed will have to be viewed as a social responsibility of the government. The suggestion ‘Give them food, not money’ needs to be accepted from this perspective.
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