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Posted on July 6, 2011 by parwatisingari

Twenty year old Swati had problem, if she took anything before 9 am she would bring it out. For three years she went various specialists and alternate therapists nothing seemed to work. When she went to her hometown of Halsnaad, she went visiting Dr.Halsnaad a senior doctor who treated her family since the days of her great-grandfather.
He told her a simple remedy, gargle with warm water first thing in the morning drink a glass of warm water after an hour you’ll be fine. Following his Swati has been rid of her symptoms five years now, her life is normal. Dr.Halsnaad says he could give the exact treatment as he knew the family history of nocturnal nasal drip resulting in fluid accumulation this would get dislodged and irritated when she took milk, coffee or tea, the gargling and warm water flushed out the secretion relieving her off the symptoms.
This is the need for a family physician many of you born post 1980 may not even the know the existing of this extinct tribe. They came home on calls, they knew your family and environment usually they belonged to the town where they practised. A kind of
A family physician is a general practitioner or doctor consulted by the family regularly.
The family medicine is re-invention of the family physician, though how much of sense it makes with the floating and migrating population one does not know.
Family medicine deals with the comprehensive health care of individuals of all age, and sex while placing particular emphasis on family.
Their basic aim is to provide persona, comprehensive and continuing care for individuals in the context of family and community.
Family medicine practitioners are trained in all aspects of medicine.
They tend to know their patients on a personal level and are also are aware of their emotional and physiological state, they are also aware of the environment that the patient comes from. The practitioner would refer a patient to a specialist only if the need arises, and with his knowledge he would guide the patient to the right specialist.
The tradition is the referring doctor sends the history to the specialist bringing down the consultation time.
Having a family physician and regular health check up would definitely keep your health care bills down.
When choosing your family physician it makes sense to keep in mind
• Location of the doctor
• Your comfort levels with doctor.
• Office hours
• Other doctors associated with the practise.
• Does he listen to you, and then explain options to your satisfaction
It is always a good idea to put down what actually bothers you health wise when you visit your doctor. It is also perfectly alright to ask your doctor questions.
You definitely need to check these with your doctor
• What is exactly wrong with you?
• What caused it?
• How serious is it?
• Will it require long-term treatment and does it have other complications?
• Can I prevent it from recurring?
• What do the prescribed medicine do?
• How long should I take the medication?
• What are the side effects of the medications?
• When do I see you for a follow-up?
Ultimately it’s our health we are talking about it makes more sense to talk to the person who knows it from prologue to epilogue than someone who reads it mid chapter.
* From a Blog dr.d'scribe Link provided by the athor in a comment posted on May 8, 2013.


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