Finally, a push for labour reforms | Business Line

Finally, a push for labour reforms | Business Line

It is heartening to find
that the need for a holistic approach to reforms is slowly getting recognition.
So far, the efforts to rationalise labour laws were getting stuck somewhere,
perhaps because deliberations on the issue got on to a wrong track, issues
involved being misunderstood as Employer Vs Employee, Employee Vs Employer
and/Government, Centre Vs State or vice versa.
Even the present moves to
fructify, a lot of give and take between central and state governments in terms
of powers and resource-sharing and a clearer understanding of social and
humanitarian issues involved in handling lowest strata of unskilled workers
will be necessary. The issues in manufacturing and production sectors are not
comparable with service sectors like IT or banking where ‘policy decisions’ can
enhance profitability and where, so far, margins are decided by owners because
of the captive clientele.
As social security
systems improve, the problems emanating from frustration will become manageable
and the present apprehensions about trade union militancy will fade out.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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