The economic consequences of Nehru - The Hindu

The economic consequences of Nehru - The Hindu

An excellent article. Though immediate impact is unlikely, it is heartening to see that issues like the ones raised here get some space in the mainstream media.
My perception is that neglect of education in major geographical areas of India has been a continuation of the conscious policy followed by rich zamindaars to ensure that though unskilled workforce at starvation wages remain available on an ongoing
basis. Recent decades have seen thoughts like ‘if more numbers go beyond XII, and a lesser percentage get opportunity for higher education’, there is a chance of external criticism that India doesn’t have enough educational institutions! These days, even those who pass out from IITs and IIMs are absorbed by industrial or IT Giants and made to forget their career path by giving them high initial salary and jobs which can be got done by SSCs.

M G Warrier


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