The importance of labour statistics | Business Line

The importance of labour statistics | Business Line

Submitted version of my letter published in Business Line on October 8, 2014:
October 7, 2014
The Editor
The Hindu Business Line
Skill management
This refers to the article “ The importance of labour statistics”(October 7). The issues raised in this brief, but scholarly article are very relevant when the entire India Growth Story is undergoing a churning of sorts. The inadequacy of data and the time-lag in receipt of authentic data has been adversely affecting planning across sectors in our country. Last few years, all involved in the planning process including RBI Governor have been raising this as an issue at every possible forum.
Labour statistics of the kind referred in the article, if compiled and made available before the information becomes stale would make significant impact on the planning process.
A related issue is inadequate attention paid to skill development in educational institutions and abuse of skill developed at exorbitant cost to the exchequer. Thousands of candidates who pass out from engineering and management institutes are absorbed by organisations which can pay high initial salary compared to public sector or government organisations and employ them in jobs which need skill level of X or XII Class.  If planning looks into the skill requirements of developing sectors and factor in the findings into prescription of various alternative courses offered in schools and colleges, this problem can be addressed.
. M G Warrier, Mumbai



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