In furtherance of good governance - The Hindu

In furtherance of good governance - The Hindu

My response:

October 25, 2014
Good governance

This refers to the lead article “In furtherance of good governance”(October 25).
The following observation of  Justice J. Chelameswar and Justice A.K. Sikri of the Supreme Court of India (September
22, 2014) in Vijay Shankar Pandey vs Union of India and Another quoted
in the article, read with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent statement that
civil servants can insist on written instructions from their political bosses is

“The right to judicial remedies … is a constitutional right of the subjects
… Employees of the State cannot become members of a different class to whom
such right is not available.”
This letter is in the context of online comments on vital issues raised in
the article, recorded by a reader who has expressed frustration about the
option before the civil servants to ensure that their rights are protected. The
apprehension obviously must be that the apex court and PM will not be there
always to safeguard individual’s genuine rights. It is in such a situation that
debates like this in the media which generates awareness in the public mind
about the constraints under which honest civil servants work play a vital role.
It is unfortunate that media (mainstream print media and electronic media) do
not give enough coverage to observations like those quoted in the article about
crucial issues and even the PM’s comment on civil servant’s rights.

M G Warrier, Mumbai


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