‘Even our teardrops are imported’ | Business Line

‘Even our teardrops are imported’ | Business Line


Online comments posted on February 19, 2015:

Whatever be the amount of external pressure now being exerted through various means by the rich and powerful nations to follow a policy tilted in favour of buying the leftovers from developed nations, if India decides to realign the nation’s priorities so as to deploy internal resources to the country’s advantage and increase internal production, gradually there will be a morale boost for the Indian workforce which is second to none, followed by quality improvement in the products made in India. Let us not degrade ourselves by trying to fix the reasons for our over-dependence on ‘foreign’ goods for quality(we went to the extent of inventing ‘Indian made foreign liquor!) or our refusal to use internal skills and capacities(we got small denomination nickel coins to gold coins/bars minted/processed outside the country). The public sector organisations and industrial houses should take cognizance of the message coming from Modi in support of self-reliance. 

M G Warrier


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