Paisa, power and politics - The Hindu

Paisa, power and politics - The Hindu


The issues relating to
money power in electoral politics raised in the article and the now proved
possibility of the ‘aam aadmi voting to power a candidate or a party without wealth
to flaunt’ need to be further pursued through media debates to create public
awareness across the country.
Delhi Elections-2015, is
an affirmation of the people’s intolerance of the wide gap between preaching
and practice by political leadership which was first demonstrated in
Elections-2014. Though we need not underplay the roles played by Modi and
Kejriwal in the two elections, one is tempted to believe that ‘WE THE PEOPLE’
have woken up from a long slumber and have decided to play the role  expected of them by the writers of Indian
Till 2013, elections in
India were won or lost on the basis of money power and/or slogans which had
mass-burial post-elections. In this context 2014 general election and 2015
Delhi election stand out and their relevance as ‘vote for change’ and ‘vote for
honest politics’.
Kiran Bedi’s assertion in
a media interaction on February 10, that BJP did not take money for her CM candidature
surprised many and a national channel described it as a whooper. Let us respect
her innocence. The role of money in elections need be reduced. Also, there is a
felt need to bring some sanity in the sources and uses of resources mobilised
by political parties.

G Warrie
r, Thiruvananthapuram


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