Letters: Focusing on agriculture | Business Standard Letters

Letters: Focusing on agriculture | Business Standard Letters

This response was published by The Hindu Business Line (February 7) also;

Submitted version:

6, 2015
on primary sector
This refers to the report
“AP targets 25% agri growth”(February 6). Though not explicitly stated, this
points to a much awaited shift of focus from tertiary to primary  sector, if economic development is to be
sustainable in the Indian context. Andhra CM Chandrababu Naidu is known for his
correct understanding of development perspective and when he says improving
agricultural productivity can bring down the percentage of farmers facing debt
crisis (which is estimated at an alarming 91 in AP against the national average
of 51per cent), one can trust that further follow up to ensure necessary
linkages for which state government is responsible, if the credit which is
being provided by NABARD has to produce results other than increasing farmers’
indebtedness, will be forthcoming.
The AP initiative is one
the nation should take note of and perhaps Centre will have to consider tapping
agricultural income as a source for taxation and using the proceeds as a
dedicated corpus for deployment to address problems including farmers’
indebtedness on an ongoing basis.

M G Warrier,


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