Vizhinjam Seaport project fails to draw bids again | Business Standard News

Vizhinjam Seaport project fails to draw bids again | Business Standard News


On a day
such an important news which can cause serious set back to Kerala’s efforts to
improve the state’s infrastructure to attract more investment for economic
development, the print and electronic media in the state are busy debating a
personality clash between two leaders in a political party (CPM) which leads
the opposition Left Democratic Front, by giving a running commentary of
happenings in Allappuzha where CPM is holding its state meeting. One wishes,
media spent some time on development issues too.
Even without any
professional expertise, one can venture to observe that a Rs 4089 crore project
should have received better professional treatment in its conception, project
formulation and procedures followed for implementation of the project. This
observation is also with reference to the report that this is the fourth time
the tender process has failed and a further four weeks time is being given to
submit the tender and efforts will be made to persuade bidders to come forward.
Ideally, as more than ten
years have passed after conceiving the project, the project authorities should
further withhold tendering by another 3 to 6 months and sort out hurdles
including National Green tribunal issues and the case pending before the
Supreme Court. A global re-tendering after sorting out major impediments may
attract competition resulting in better implementation of the project.
M G Warrier,


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