Banking on Aadhaar: What concerns the RBI? - Moneylife

Banking on Aadhaar: What concerns the RBI? - Moneylife


In my article posted here on January 7, 2013 captioned “Will the “Direct Cash Transfer” scheme benefit the common man?” and in an earlier article, I had expressed apprehensions about the utility and future of AADHAAR. No, I am not suggesting abandoning the idea at this late hour. Apex Court is examining the whole issue and a discussion on the subject may not be in order now. If one is permitted to make a suggestion, I would submit that AADHAAR concept should be demystified. If it has to serve as ‘Universal’ (U now stands for UNIQUE) identity card, the base information collected and used should relate to those any individual would like to make public. Like, (a) Name and parents’ name/s (b) Address (c) Normal place of residence and (d) Occupation. Instead of insisting on, such an identity card should be accepted by service providers like banks in lieu of other documents giving the same information. My personal experience some time back was a delivery agent of the postal department refused to accept AADHAAR card as identity proof for delivering a speed-post article in Trivandrum.

M G Warrier


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