@Bye, C U in Heaven!
M G Warrier

In a recent article I read online, the writer exhorted readers to record their last words before it was too late, lest it may become impossible to express them. I took it literally and posted my last words at Warrier’s Blog. They were:
“Lokah Samasthaah Sukhino Bhavanthu”
(Let the entire universe be happy and comfortable)
I had a 50:50 intuitive feeling even before I penned(keyed in!) those words that they were quite unlikely to be my last words and when the time comes, no one is going to write them on my tomb. After that, I have written much more and posted dozens of blogs that those ‘last words’ have hidden into obscurity.
But, those words have, in a way, inspired my thoughts and made me think what actually am I doing to ensure that my fellow beings or the generations that will succeed mine will live a happy and comfortable life, post-Mg Warrier era. No, I am not on a pitch batting for great sayings like “Think of what you can do for America and do not ask what America has given you” or asking you to take a membership in “Vasudevakudumbakam”(the concept of entire humanity as one single family). Only difference in my approach has been that I started wondering how we respond to the agonies around. And, while responding, are we doing our bit, in whatever small way, we may be able to improve the situation. Let me give you one example.
Last month in Mathrubhumi Vaaranthappathippu (A four page Sunday supplement providing space for literary and contemporary events/writings, brought out by the popular Malayalam daily) a full page feature was published about one Celina Michael who is in charge of cremating bodies received in an open air crematorium near Kochi. On an average, about 20 bodies reach that crematorium in a month for getting converted into ashes. Celina (may be according to the terms of a contract!) can charge Rs1500 per body for the service. She has to pay Rs550 per body to the local body and meet expenses for fuel (firewood, coconut husk etc) and the surplus left is entirely hers for meeting the survival costs of her family. In a response, I made a plea that the average monthly compensation for the 24X7 work which include procurement of fuel and waiting day and night expecting dead bodies was too low and the local body should allow a rise in her income by providing ‘fuel subsidy’ and foregoing at least a part of the payment per body cremated, Celina has to pay to the local body.
Once I saw my response published, it shocked me that none of us who responded to the feature, offered any help, on our own. I remembered Modi’s plea to forego gas subsidy which the Prime Minister promised that he would divert to the really needy! On my part, I entrusted Rs1000 to my son with a request to send a cheque for a higher amount to Mathrubhumi for being passed on to Celina Michael. My daughter added Rs2000 and my son made a cheque for Rs10,000 which he sent*.
As I have made a beginning in worshipping Daridranaaraayana’ (finding God in the poor people), my VISA to heaven is assured. As my term in the hell is getting over soon, I am unpacking for heaven. Follow me, if you can. Bye, C U in Heaven!(Even these are not going to be my last words. Wait for more!)
*Postscript: I am still around and the cheque my son sent is traveling back to him, because a letter in the name of the payee was misspelt. Long live the newly opened bank accounts of poor millions! Noted to report progress in another article soon.
M G Warrier
(Writer is author of the 2014 book “Banking, Reforms & Corruption : Development Issues in 21st Century India”. His email ID is

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