Let’s not make the same mistake again | Business Line

Let’s not make the same mistake again | Business Line


12, 2015
upskilling talk
This refers to the
article “Let’s not make the same mistake again”(October 12) by Konda Visheshwar
Reddy, MP from Telengana. Reddy has packaged into the short article several
issues concerning skill development. What stands out is
the concern of the writer for the millions of young skilled workers  in India, who did not make to IITs or ITIs (Industrial Training Institutes) and still are contributing to the nation’s
growth in a big way, but remains a neglected category when it comes to
remuneration and social security aspects.
It is comforting to find
that people’s representatives are aware of the ground level problems faced by
workers and are willing to share their thoughts in the media like this. Such
sharing of thoughts by them will improve awareness among stakeholders and
policy makers and help India find solutions to problems the country is facing
much faster.
A mention of girl
students after a certain age dropping out of school for want of toilet
facilities in schools made in his maiden speech from the ramparts of Red Fort
on August 15, 2014 made perceptible changes in the approach of all
organisations including educational institutions towards basic facilities. Recalled
this to stress the significance of expression of thoughts on development issues
by representatives of people on action at the ground level.

G Warrier
, Mumbai 


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