WEEKEND LIGHTER: The Meeting Point, 2015

Weekend Lighter: The Meeting Point, 2015
Ghatkoper, October 22, 2015
Five Ex-Rbites had a dinner meeting @R-City mall, Ghatkoper on Wednesday, October 22, 2015. They were S/Shri PP Ramachandran, PS Balakrishnan, K Ramasubramanian, MG Warrier and R Narayanan and the meeting was arranged by PSB and RN. The link that brought together these five was that each of them had worked in RBI, Thiruvananthapuram during various periods from 1960 to 2007. MGW and RN had joined RBI in the same batch of 1968-69. All five of them now have ‘roots’ in Mumbai.
Now, most of us are making efforts to re-establish old connections. That is how senior citizens and netizens of 21st Century re-invent the joint-family concept of last century, of course, for selfish reasons.
We shared memories of our 30 to 40 year survival in RBI. No, we didn’t have time to discuss pension or deeper personal issues, which we will definitely be doing in future meetings.
This group with more members will keep meeting as and when people come together.

M G Warrier 


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