Wish I had a magic wand - The Hindu

Wish I had a magic wand - The Hindu


If you have
skipped the article, read this para once:
suffer the most when adults engage in disastrous activities. Children suffer
the most when adults neglect them, and force them into adult things. They are
gullible orphans, and runaways with no parents to look after them, no community
to support them, and no government to protect them as everyone ignores their
Still, you
think, ‘it is not about our children, we are taking adequate care’. God forbid,
this paragraph, in today’s world, mutatis mutandis, could be about any
child. Unless all of us decide to make this world a better place by the time
today’s children grow into adulthood, I am afraid, our bank balance and
insurance cannot protect them. One cannot be sure about their safety and
security by building walls or by sending them to ‘developed’ countries.

M G Warrier, Mumbai


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