World Happines Index 2015 – Where does India stand? - Moneylife

World Happines Index 2015 – Where does India stand? - Moneylife


An excellent
analysis of the survey. The observation “The demography of our country is so
complex, any survey on parameters mentioned above will not only be grossly
inadequate, but also simply inequitable and cannot be a fair comparison with
the developed and the less populous nations of the world. Our Country is unique
in its composition, unusual in its character, incomparable in its diversity and
peerless in its ethos. So much so, this report does not reflect correctly the
happiness or unhappiness of our people which is purely a state of mind based on
several social factors which do not get captured into the survey.” says it all,
if you need any comment on India’s poor show in most of the international
assessments. Though for ‘my own readers’ this will be repetition, one has to
concede that the comparisons made in such surveys do not make any sense for a
country like India. The ranking of countries like India and China with huge
population and several country-specific reasons for their present status using
the same parameters used for Singapore and U A E which have different
development backgrounds do not make much sense. Perhaps, the rankings will get
realistic, if Indian states or cities with higher population than the countries
included for survey are assessed separately!

G Warrier


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