Exclusive development plans for legislators

Exclusive development plans for legislators

This refers to the report “Exclusive development plans for legislators” (The Hindu, May 15). The initiative by the Kerala Institute for Local Administration (KILA) to prepare constituency-wise development plans to be made available to each elected legislator for follow-up is a great idea. Perhaps these plans will have the asset development fund and the special development fund available to every MLA as resource-base.
Though  the resources availability and allocation in respect of other development activities will have different geographical boundaries (like districts, panchayats etc.) and authorities responsible for implementation of projects may vary (like government, banks etc.), if a state level apex organisation like KILA gets involved in the planning, implementation and monitoring process the usual leakages and delays in implementation can be minimised.
The new government in Kerala can lead this kind of planning by assigning the responsibility for planning to a state level agency and ensuring backward and forward linkages needed for project formulation and implementation at various levels. Involvement of legislators and leaders of major political parties can smoothen the usual frictions at ground level.

M G Warrier,


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