No country for the old?

No country for the old?: His concern must have caused a collective sigh of relief for the 87.6 million people aged above 60 in India, as it drew the attention of a nation almost obsessed with its ‘demographic dividend’ to a...

Needed, Political will

In my article “The Last Resort”* published in April 2009 issue of ‘Be Positive’ I had observed asunder:
 “As regards the resources necessary to meet this challenging effort, only the lack of political will to canalise the men, material and money now being engaged for purposes like luxurious celebrations (mentioning here the examples of the efforts to find the beginning of universe or scientific research in uninhabited parts of planet earth or in space or development of weapons for massive annihilation  may divert the discussion to controversial areas, which is not my purpose!) and wars towards creative and positive purposes at least until the basic needs of every inhabitant of mother earth is met is standing in the way.
Agreed, this is a great hurdle, equal in dimension to the greed which results in accumulation of wealth by individuals, families and nations through unethical means. But, if you and I start talking about it frequently and without fear, change is not far away.”
M G Warrier
* Included as ‘Post-Retirement Life’ in my 2014
book “Banking, Reforms &Corruption: Development Issues in 21st
Century India”(Ref:Page 122)


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