The irony of the white powder routine

The irony of the white powder routine: Every morning, millions of women across South India do a ritual, the origins of which stretch back several centuries — they clean their front yards and adorn the ground at the entrance with an elaborate...


"Kolam for all

How do we turn this tragedy into a celebration? By embracing the idea of a daily kolam not just for our own houses, but for the community at large. Stop regarding the exterior as something that exists simply to provide you with an outlet for your needs, but as a valuable part of your existence. When Chennai was flooded last December, people reached out and helped one another — and yet, each day when we pass by rubbish piled up high and do nothing, we undermine that very spirit of community that defines living in an urban environment.
So tomorrow, as you get ready for your next kolam adventure, take a few minutes and help clean up your street along with your neighbours. While you may compete on who has the better kolam, a cleaner city is possible only if we realise we are all in this together."
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M G Warrier


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