Warrier's Collage December 20, 2021

Warrier's COLLAGE On Monday December 20, 2021 Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier A Select Responses 1) Vathsala Jayaraman Taniyavartanam I enjoyed Shri Babusenan's writings today on Tala aspect of music. Shruthi Maatha Laya: Pithaa is the popular saying. The caste controversy, a part and parcel of Carnatic music has been dealt with nicely by Shri T M Krishna, a popular artist in his book on Carnatic music. His open remarks do irritate many senior vidwans. Many Rasikas who are adepts in identifying ragas within seconds do not concentrate on the percussion aspect of music. During concerts thani avarthanam is a busy business in canteen when 90 percent of the audience take their place in the canteen to taste the special menu of the day. There was some discussion about this in Chennai group in 2013 and I forward an extract*. *See H 1 2) S R Badrinarayanan More easy to delete a mail unread and most difficult to pen one... ... SRB ..... Ref : "WHAT IS EASY AND WHAT IS DIFFICULT" (🙏-Warrier) (Since December 1, 2021, I have been doing both successfully. Necessity is the mother of experiments 🙏-Warrier) B Collage in Classroom Art of Listening https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/fulfillment-any-age/202112/10-ways-become-great-listener KEY POINTS Listening is a basic social skill, but it takes practice to do well. Listening and perceived partner responsiveness form a positive feedback loop that promotes a variety of positive relationship outcomes. Good listening can make the other person more likely to engage in self-disclosure and create a higher sense of “interpersonal chemistry.” C Spirituality/Faith 1) Dr Charan Singh charan singh (@CharanSingh60) Tweeted: Unity in Diversity - 105 जस देखीऐ तरवर की छाइआ प्रान गए कहु का की माइआ जस जंती महि जीउ समाना मूए मरमु को का कर जाना Life gone like shade of tree, What about Maya? Stopped playing instrument: where did music go? Who knows secret of dead Kabir, Gauri, 325, SGGS https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1472297632508768257?s=20 D Current Affairs 1) RBI Board Meeting https://m.rbi.org.in/Scripts/BS_PressReleaseDisplay.aspx?prid=52755 The 592nd meeting of the Central Board of Directors of Reserve Bank of India was held on December 17, 2021 at Lucknow under the Chairmanship of Shri Shaktikanta Das, Governor. The Board reviewed the current domestic and global economic situation, evolving challenges and remedial measures. The Board also reviewed half yearly income statement of the Reserve Bank of India for the half-year ended September 30, 2021. The Board also discussed various areas of operations of the Reserve Bank including the functioning of the Local Boards, activities of select Central Office Departments and the draft Report on Trend and Progress of Banking in India, 2020-21. The Board also discussed various aspects relating to Central Bank Digital Currency and Private Crypto Currencies. 2) Agni P successfully test-fired https://www.viralbake.com/drdo-successfully-test-fired-the-agni-p-next-generation-ballistic-missile/?utm_source=Manager&utm_medium=Email%20Manager&utm_campaign=August&utm_term=VB_Traffic&utm_content=Monsoon The ‘Agni P’ is a two-stage solid-fuel ballistic missile with twin redundant navigation and guiding systems. The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) successfully tested the next generation nuclear capability ballistic missile ‘Agni P’ off the coast of Odisha on Saturday (December 18, 2021). 3) Media Response To The Editor The Hindu Business Line Letters December 18, 2021 Organise Indian Pension System This refers to the report "The rise and rise of pension plans"(December 19). While the message in the report is comforting, one is not sure whether the basic issue of social security pension plans are supposed to address is getting the attention it deserves. In absence of a prices, income and living wage policy at the ground level, investing in pension schemes is a luxury available for a small percentage of the workforce who are able to receive regular employment with fair wages. The abrupt withdrawal of the existing pension scheme for government employees from 2004 and unhappy interference in the implementation of existing pension schemes by statutory bodies and PSUs. Obviously, central government has reasons for their action which are based on rising budgetary demands. Transfer of government expenditure to non-budget sources should be welcomed. However allowing starvation wages to continue and ignoring refusal by employers both in public and private sectors to include retirement benefits as an essential ingredient in the wage bill will be detrimental to the health of Indian Economy in the long run. M G Warrier Thiruvananthapuram E Blogs & Links 1) A wintry dawn https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/tinytales/a-wintry-dawn-39657/ Excerpts : Looking at the child and back at me, the uncle beamed a wide smile and handed two mugs of hot tea. I lifted both and headed towards the corner where the boy sat with his head bent low. I patted his back and slid one mug towards him. He mouthed thanks. Though inaudible, I got encouraged by it and perched myself beside him. The intense gaze below the brown shock of hair softened and a smile took over his lips. We both sat in silence, giving ourselves to the mug of kindness, snug and warm. The tendrils of smoke wafted all over and the wind with its quiver of arrows couldn’t withstand them. With tea as a savior, the nip in the air started to fade and we both sat soaking in its reassuring warmth. The onslaught of winds might start soon but all that mattered was to be in the power of now. The now is in the goldilocks zone. 2) Music of life https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/half-circle-is-better-than-a-full-circle/music-of-life-39176/ Excerpts "So, it becomes imperative to guide others in identifying and getting a hold on to their “MUSIC OF LIFE’S GOALS”. It can be realised in many different forms like working to protect an environment, stabilize climate fluctuations, rehabilitate flora and fauna, educating people against domestic violence, planning infrastructure for disabled people, funding education for at least one orphan or just a kind talk and help to homeless elderly or play sports to raise funds for someone in real need etc. whatever the size of your goal comes in, important is to identify and live up to it. Achievement of these goals will surely make you see a radiance of your happy self." F Book Review : 1) The Blind Matriarch : Beginning of post-pandemic literature https://www.newindianexpress.com/lifestyle/books/2021/oct/10/the-blind-matriarch-book-review-mighty-materfamilias-2369162.html Excerpts : "There have been times when the world has come to a standstill, when the world as one has known it seems to be coming to an end and another, an unknown and terrifyingly new one, is waiting to be born. Novelists have seized on the possibilities such a scenario presents and located some great writings in the times of the Great Depression in America, the October Revolution in Russia, the Black Plague that trampled across Europe as well as several dystopian, imaginary scenarios. The Covid-induced pandemic of the past year, too, will no doubt go down in history as an apocalyptic era and great works of fiction will emerge in the years ahead capturing a time when a deadly virus held the entire globe in its thrall making businesses and lives come to a grinding halt. Namita Gokhale's The Blind Matriarch will be ranked among the earliest literary responses to a ‘new normal’, a way of life brought on by curfew, lockdown, self-isolation, fear and panic. At the same time, it is not merely a pandemic novel for running with the weft of the strangeness of our times is the woof of multiple back-stories about a family that lives under one roof." 2) When Loss is Gain https://www.hindustantimes.com/books/review-when-loss-is-gain/story-X5Sde1w9oZcTeI5dkciThL.html Excerpts : "With success comes the expected descent into drink, alienation from his wife Tanu and the revelation that he has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, with only a few months to live. Now comes the tearjerker. Tanu, whom he has neglected, leaves him for Advaita whose success has been through riding on the coat tails of his immensely successful father. But the diagnosis turns out to be wrong, Anand does not have cancer after all. This, as it would most of us, makes him dwell on the meaning of life and the hankering for material things. After a chance meeting with the Bhutanese ambassador in Delhi, he sets off for a remote mountain retreat in Bhutan where his host Chimi nurses him back to some form of mental equilibrium. While there, he meets the mysterious Tara, who is also trying to find herself in these mystic mountains." G Leisure For once, Rupee goes up! SMILE* The rupee goes for a toss. Harsha Bhogle was fed up with the continuous coverage of the State of the Indian Economy in the Media. He decided to ask the views of FM Nirmala Sitharaman on Sports instead of any financial matter. He asked “Dear Nirmala Ma'am, which game do you like most?” Nirmala Devi was very happy. She replied “Cricket, and only when played in India.” Harsh was puzzled. "Which part of the Game do you like best, I mean, the team work, batting, bowling or any other aspect?" Nirmala Devi smiled, “No, No, I ONLY LIKE THE TOSS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MATCH IN INDIA." Harsh was totally at sea. “Why, only the Toss, Madam?" Nirmala Devi smiled for the first time and said, "BECAUSE IT IS THE ONLY TIME I SEE OUR RUPEE GOING UP." *Received from A P Ramadurai GG Right Write & Write Right : Vathsala Jayaraman My grandson Aditya is very much fond of writing essays running to 2 or 3 pages. He just writes his mind-how he welcomed his sibling after seven long years of enjoying independence, his jealousy about the young brother who was hugged, and fondled in his presence, how the birds build nests and feed the young ones, enjoying milking of the cow etc etc. He sends his essays to me to be assessed from so many points. He expects me to give constructive criticism and not just a single line appreciation like "good job, done" Continued at H2 H 1) Continued from A1 Dear KG when the thani starts violinist keeps the violin down and will start when once violinist takes the instrument and position it then you will come to know that thani is over. At least I figured it that way. Btw,Madam can tell me when is the time for the thani is over? With regards, S.Sankaranarayanan Dear Shri Sankara narayanan. You are really smart. You have told the easiest way to find out whether Thani Aavarthanam is over. Thani Aavarthanam can be technically described as under, to my understanding as a listener. In a Thani Aavarthanam, first the aavarthanam is split into 1. Saukya kalam, the slow/normal speed. 2.The madyama kalm ( in between speed) 3. The mail kalam ( fast speed) Other things are a. Farans-finger movements, that are brisk and short b. Mohara- another special pattern. c. Theermanam In Saukya kalam, there may not be anything special to common observers. But for teevra rasikas ,, just by listening in a tape they will find out who the player is, since saukya kalm is like the signature of the artist. In Madyama Kalam the artist reveals his dexterity and control over the instrument. The smooth transition play from Chatusram to Thisram(4 pulses to a beat to 3 pulses a beat), 3 to 5, 5 to 7 and 7 to 9- without any slip and once again back to 4. Then he plays various farans from 10 to 12, depending on his skill and stamina. From this stage he should build up speed for a grand finale. He plays Mohara, a special pattern ( we can recognise if we often listen to thani) which is an indicatwhich is played 3 times identically at the end of which the main artist picks up the keerthanam. For people who are awake, Sankaranarayanan's method is good enough. For others who are fast asleep, three identical theermanams and the only applause from the audience should wake them up. Govinda Raj's doubt is reasonable, specially in dance performances the dancer will show sometimes even 20 movements for the same line of lyrics ( sometimes decided spontaneouslyor for the main artist to get ready. Then comes the Theermanam which is played 3 times identically at the end of which the main artist picks up the keerthanam. For people who are awake, Sankaranarayanan's method is good enough. For others who are fast asleep, three identical theermanams and the only applause from the audience should wake them up. Govinda Raj's doubt is reasonable, specially in dance performances the dancer will show sometimes even 20 movements for the same line of lyrics( sometimes decided spontaneously on stage). I used to wonder how the singer knows when to start the next line. The dancer makes a backward movement towards the back of the stage which is an indication that the singer can go to next line. I stop here lest I get the same treatment as mritangam. Vathsala Jayaraman 2) Continued from GG Yesterday he asked me to tell the exact difference between Write Right and Right Write since he knows that I write a lot. Now I have to give a suitable reply to him. I feel that the word'write' may also be substituted by 'think, speak and do' Write Right When we talk of moral values, Dharma, ethics etc and write about the same topis-it is writing the Right Things. Morals should be high at least when you write or naturally morals form the core of you. Doesn't really guarantee that you stand by the morals all the time. Right Write Is there something really that stands to be right write forever? Scientific papers/findings are proved wrong, autobiographies, biographies are challenged, and religious books are challenged. So there can be no writing right forever.Universal truths may come under the first category. Or truths which are time being considered true generally -can they be considered Right Writing? In that case any falsehood to save oneself or to escape from a temporary crisis may be deemed as "right writings'. Right to Write This one I love, that's the reason am scribbling here :) If you are fairly ok with a language and you have access to the net :)then you are good to go. Otherwise 'delete' is in your/our hands. It is a free world and each & everyone has the right to express, see here the pain is to the listener/reader.:) The larger picture to this is that we have now carefully alienated the few within the family, friends circle, relatives and they too have alienated themselves – blame should be shared, you see. :) So if you need to let yourself out, it's these free forums that keep your stress levels low. . Let's keep exercising the Right to Write, to remain healthy and at the same time to keep our stress levels down, promise not to raise the stress levels of the readers. Vathsala Jayaraman


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