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Wishes Happy 2022

January 1, 2022

Welcome New Year  2022



(Link Courtesy : A P Ramadurai)

Good Morning.
Many Thanks to you all for the continued encouragement and support you all are giving.
I Wish All Readers A Healthy Peaceful & Safe Year Ahead.

Nice Day

M G Warrier

New Year Musings

1 Response : V Babusenan

I am thankful to Shri E Madhavan for his generous appreciation of my write-up : Conspiracy of Circumstances. Some of us, the Collage enjoyers, may not know that he is the son of the late Edassery Govindan Nair, a great Malayalam poet. 

2 A Poem

End Of Another Year*

2021 will soon become a year of the past,
Despite the virus, the flags of many, are hoisted, at full mast,
And on the 1st of January 2022 I shall end my fast,
And shall join in the fireworks  blast 

We are all in the right mould cast,
I do not belong to any community or caste,
I am His very ardent follower,
And slowly I've blossomed like a flower. 
When the last bugle is sounded,
In a box I shall lie all dressed up but bounded,
From now on, by no one, will I ever be, beset or hounded,
My life has on the whole turned out to be well rounded.

*Poem by Frank Misquith shared by R Jayakumar

3 Hands : Vathsala Jayaraman

When you hold out your hands comes friendship
When you join both hands you do bhakti
When you join hands with sound it becomes a clap
When you point a finger you bully or threat others
When you raise your hands you look helpless
Inactivity appears, if you place your hand over your hand
If you extend your hand your help is perceived
Your outstretched hands shows asking for alms or demand
So much significance in the hands
If many hands come forward then, Impossible becomes possible.
If you point one finger towards any person, other three fingers 
are pointing towards you.
Vathsala Jayaraman

4 Piece of Indian History

How a Fearless Adivasi Led India’s 1st People’s Revolt Against the British

Tilka Manjhi led India's first people's revolt triggered by the East India Company's (EIC) exploitative practices against Adivasi communities in conjunction with the oppressive local princely class, moneylenders and zamindars beholden to the British.

5 Media Response : M G Warrier

Task Force on overhaul of IT department

This refers to SK Gupta's letter on Income-tax regime (The Hindu Business Line, December 31). By and large the Indian Tax System remains a house in disrepair and is due for rebuilding. The 50 plus years old Income-tax laws were reviewed by a Task Force which submitted its report early in 2019. The present in-house task force constituted by CBDT will make recommendations to restructure the Income Tax Department. The panel comprising 10 senior officials of the I-T department is expected to reassess its role and functions in view of the faceless regime aimed at cutting down physical interface between a taxpayer and the department.
Time is opportune to consider deeper reforms in taxation policy. Migration to "Expenditure and Investment/Wealth Tax", making wage bills, instead of wages in the hands of employees, taxable, and doing away with exemptions and 
compensating the loss in tax income by rationalisation of tax rates are options that can be considered.
In any case, the present situation in which taxpayer is at the mercy of middlemen who interpret tax laws and help him "save tax" in different ways must be replaced by a simple and transparent tax regime.

M G Warrier

6 Time for changes from within : Reserve Bank of India

This article was published in June 2016. Excerpts :

"It may not be possible to change things overnight. Nevertheless, the need for change has to be understood. There is a practical side to the issue. In RBI, very few came as deputy governors at a young age and became governor later. Even the average incumbency of governors is low. Dr Rajan is the 23rd RBI governor and the institution has been in existence only for the last 81 years, making average stay less than four years. RBI, in a way, becomes a training establishment of sorts for top central banking professionals whose subsequent service is not available for the institution. Three things can be done to improve the situation :
  • Fairly good number of officers is being recruited at the second level of officers’ grade in RBI every year. By offering a reasonably market-related remuneration package, RBI can afford to recruit better talent at this level who, over time, can aspire to go to top positions.
  • Offer better terms for the positions of executive directors and above and, if necessary by increasing the number, keep some of these positions open for ‘direct’ recruitment from the open market including from officers at lower levels from within the bank. This will improve the availability of internal talent for higher positions.
  • Gradually, change the age profile of deputy governors, so that some of them can migrate to the highest level."

7 Knowing when to stop : M G Warrier

Excerpts :

In normal situations, individuals who have secured their retirement after decades of work, professional, skilled or unskilled should have the freedom to opt for their post-retirement path. Society should not interfere in their personal freedom to take diversions. Let individuals experiment and fall on the right track. Like:
* Army Generals and Technocrats entering politics,
* Ex-Bureaucrats becoming farmers, authors or artists and
* Ex-politicians becoming philosophers or businessmen.

Such a change will bring about a transformation in the attitude of the younger generation also, incentivising them to stop doing things they don’t love or are not comfortable with and accepting new challenges.

8 Spirituality/Faith

charan singh (@CharanSingh60) Tweeted:
Unity in Diversity - 117

हरि संतहु देखहु नदरि करि निकटि वसै भरपूरि
गुरमति जिनी पछाणिआ से देखहि सदा हदूरि 
अमरदास, सिरीराग, 27, गुरु ग्रंथ साहिब

Oh seekers, look carefully, God is nearby & all prevaiding
Those understanding Guru, see God with them

9 Guess* who shared this with Collage!

Instance of flawless, linear logic by a child that cannot be beaten!
One of the earliest ones on record:
Boy aged 4 : Dad, I've decided to get married.
Dad : Wonderful; do you have a girl in mind?
Boy : Yes... Grandma! She said she loves me, I love her too....and she's the best cook & story teller in the whole world!
Dad : That's nice, but we have a small problem there!
Boy : What problem?
Dad : She happens to be my mother. How can you marry my mother!
Boy : Why not? You married mine!

*No prize for right guess 🙏-Warrier



The five-lettered word 'EMPTY' is quite interesting.
If you remove the first letter, pronunciation will not change.
If you remove the last letter also, there will not be any change.
If you remove letters 1,3, and 5
MT will remain there.
Even if you remove all letters, the place will be empty.

*The concept of zero :

According to Wikipedia, Babylonians were the first people to use this symbol, but not as a true zero because it was not used independently or as the end of a number. The concept of zero as a number and not merely a symbol is attributed to India, where most of the numerical system first originated and practical calculations were carried out using zero. Indian scholars used the Sanskrit word “shunya” to refer to zero, which means void, empty, or nothing. What is mystifying about shunya is that when a number is raised to the power of zero, the result is one. Similarly, if we are raised to the power of shunya or nothingness, we become one—a unity or oneness. Let us delve into this mystery and learn how powerful our zero is, especially with the metaphysical realm around it; by itself, it may be nothing but when attached, it is everything.


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