‘C’ for corruption | Business Line

‘C’ for corruption | Business Line

Online comments posted on April 21, 2014:

There are several ‘current’
corruption cases which compete between and among them as to which one has more
quality ingredients of immense possibilities for squandering public funds using
position, influence, relationships and various other supports necessary for
multiplying personal net-worth without any value addition. While on the subject
of corruption, one is reminded of a quote from Kautilya:
“Just as fish moving inside water
cannot be known when drinking water, even so officers appointed for carrying
out works cannot be known when appropriating money.
It is possible to know even the
path of birds flying in the sky, but not the ways of officers moving with their
intentions concealed.”
, 2.9.33, 34)
There is a need to revisit Arthasastra, if we have to reach at the
roots of corruption and bring it at least to some acceptable levels, so that
governance in some form will survive.

M G Warrier, Thiruvananthapuram



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