Waste is here to stay?

Copied below is the unedited version of the letter "Waste is here to stay?" published in The Hindu, April 28, 2014(Readers' Mail, Thiruvananthapuram edition)

Waste management

A solution to the mounting waste accumulations looks still elusive for Thiruvananthapuram. Some may call it an irony that Kerala is getting dubious publicity for two totally unrelated reasons. One, the God’s Own Country’s inefficient accounting and not so transparent management of ancestral wealth including the gold and jewellery with temples and religious institutions and second but more important from a health-hazard angle, the state’s inability to dispose of waste even in the capital city. As the yet to be accounted and valued assets of Sripadmanabha Temple is getting the attention of the Apex Court, let us focus on waste management.
Main roads and gullies in the city are getting equally affected by the accumulation and in some places ‘ongoing’ burning of waste bags deposited by households and/ commercial establishments. The day may not be far off, when Google maps may depict Thiruvananthapuram City reminiscent of a 19th Century graveyard with fire in different locations and smoke preventing the view of any other structures including roads and buildings.
Beyond the blame games, government, city corporation and residents’ associations should come together and find a solution to this major problem which can affect the health of rich and poor of all ages alike.
M G Warrier, Thiruvananthapuram


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