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Learning mania in Elsewhere - Behind every successful person, there's a Malayalee! Just watching from behind?

On Thursday, November 21, 2019, Dr Kadam gave an interesting and informative talk on "Memory loss, as age advances" for the benefit of seniors in our residential colony. He covered symptoms and preventive measures relating to dimensia and Alzhemeirs.
The whole talk was in Marathi and I could follow only about 35% (my usual target when I used to lectures). One word "Haloo Haloo" was getting repeated throughout the lecture and from the body language and context I took it for 'slowly slowly', which turned out to be correct. Still, today I learned more about the word and Haloo Haloo started using it in conversation.
Remembered Bank's "Aaj ka shabd" when I was reading this article. Find out why!

M G Warrier


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