Smile with confidence

Twinkling bright even during cloudy nights- Instilling confidence is an art 
I had no occasion to learn cycling, till my classmate Kuttisankaran forced me to buy his old Lambretta scooter in 1974.
While learning to ride the scooter, someone suggested, first getting balance on a bicycle would make riding scooter easier. Another friend helped me to learn how to ride a bicycle.
I remember my teachers who taught me something or the other at different times. From them I learned, one need not know everything, to teach something.
I understood the need to infuse trust and confidence in a person, if you want the person to listen to you.
In this article, the writer tells you about the person who helped her to face life head on with a smile.
A cloud can't stay for long in one place. 

M G Warrier


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