My experiments with communication

My experiments with communication

Last week I opened a reader's blog at times of india.
"WarriersViews". My first post there was rejected by the toi blog editors. I'm aware of the constraints of media houses. So,After I didn't give up. After all, TOI is still owned by a company with a foreign name.
While in school, I translated stories from the Hindi text and sent to a section dedicated for children in the Mathrubhumi Weekly. They published a couple of them.
I received lot of opportunity to write once I started working. From Union/Association notices/representations to certain portions of committee reports (RBI).
Post-retirement, in addition to interaction in social media (yahoo groups, FB, Blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter etc), I could establish my presence in the print/electronic media via responses, publication of hundreds of articles and some half a dozen books.
Many in our groups have a flare for writing which remain underutilized. This note is an invitation for them to become more active in the business of writing. When you try to write more, you'll read more, listen to others with more attention, your approach to life will change.
No harm in making a beginning, today.

M G Warrier


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