Medicinal values of Python's fat and an old Nambudiri Story

Pythons Unlock Human Heart Health Secrets | Linking to an old Kerala Brahmin Veg story! 

Sometimes my thoughts wander around totally irrelevant and sometimes not so comfortable territories. On a day, my friends are seriously worrying about yesterday's(9/11,  "Ayodhya") verdict, I'm aware, it's near stupidity to open a subject like this.
Strangely, when our member S K Gupta's comment on my blog @TOI (WarriersViews) was already there before I came to know about the post having gone live, my thoughts went to why I've opened a new window to xpres my views. Gupta too blogs @Times of India.
My father (himself a Nambudiri. His ancestors used to walk down all the 600 odd kilometers from Payyanur to Thiruvananthapuram to participate in "Murajapam" at Padmanabhaswami Temple premises, even before Britishers laid railway tracks in India) had told me the following real life story, during 1950's. I quote:
"A Nambudiri was suffering from acute rhuematic complaints. He approached the village physician. The physician gave a prescription for preparing a lehyam (like modern jam) at home. When Nambudiri read the prescription, one ingredient was Python's Fat. Nambudiri got wild as he couldn't imagine turning non-veg for curing an ailment. He preferred to suffer for life and went home, leaving the prescription with the vaidyan.
Months passed and rainy season came. One day, Vaidyan sent word to the Nambudiri asking him to come, if he's still not cured. Vaidyan got confirmed that the patient has faith in his treatment. He asked Nambudiri to drink a particular quantity of water collected from a particular spot in a nearby riverlet, collected before sunrise everyday for a fortnight. Nambudiri got cured of his ailments.*
*Much later, when cornered, Vaidyan revealed that a dead Python was getting decayed, upper in the river."
Almost half a century later after my father told me the above story, as a writer, I started using the Vaidyan's "technology", successfully, to smuggle my ideas through my responses and articles. So far, my editors and readers have not doubted my motives. And they include readers like you and editorial staff at some of the mainstream publications.

M G Warrier


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