Writing brings people together

A paper doesn’t only provide news & views- Bonus: My book gets first negative criticism 20 months after release!


"Very poorly written. There is no flow of topics. Expected much much and much more from author attempting to write anything about one of the greatest institutions of independent India RBI"
Anonymous Buyer @ Amazon.in
I read the above review of my 2018 posted at Amazon.in on November 17, 2019 today morning. Found interesting. Will share my thoughts on that later*.
First, congratulations to E S Ramalingam who has recently celebrated 50th Wedding Anniversary. Wish the couple health and happiness.
By writing in public space including social media, one gets to know many things about oneself, in addition to getting many new friends as in the case of Ramalingam. The Hindu Open Page and The New Indian Express Mindspace (since "Timeout" days) have brought many friends who have a flare for writing together.

*O about the online review by the Anonymous Amazon Buyer. Read more when my article on that will be published in the media.

M G Warrier


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