Propel yourself 

The so-called Gurus interpret ancient sciences and spiritual texts (like Gita) to suit their own stance and justify their individual "Purvashrama" and current lifestyle.
We have to apply our mind and select the teachings compatible with the direction we decide for our life's further course.

M G Warrier

C V Subbaraman's response:

If  we go by Kaarmic theory, there is no way to believe that  anything can "change" our destiny. We have to enjoy or suffer for what we have done earlier.

Did Maarkandeya "change" his destiny. Going by this philosophy, he did not. For he was destined to be first told that his age would not be more than 16 years. But his worship of Shiva helped him to gain a much longer life. However, if we go by Karama theory, was he not destined to go by the way events happened? He did not "change" his life span, but it just happened as he was to reap this because of his past Karma.

So, some astrologers with whom I have interacted have always told me that there is no such thing as you do some "praayaschittam" or pujas or homas to get your future life changed; you will do them if you are destined to do them and yet not change your life as is ordained in advance because of your karma.

Going by this logic, there is not even the thing that you self propel your life; you will self propel your life if you are destined to do so!

But if you do good things now, you will reap the results of such good actions done now in future. It may be immediate or later on or in your next birth.  When you chew some neem leaves, your mouth tastes bitterness, or you take a piece of jaggery, your mouth tastes sweetness, here the result is immediate. What are the other after effects of neem leaves or jaggery is another matter.  If you sow one seed of paddy, it will produce result in five to six months and give you multiple paddy seeds! Here the result is delayed but the result is in many multiples of the seed which sowed. If you invested in a particular share, it might give you dividend after one year! Similarly, for certain actions done by you now, you may reap the benefit only in your next birth as you carry the baggage of   "vaasanaas' to the next birth.

The question is if we are fated to have a life as pre-ordained, why should we do good things now? You should  think good, do good, now in order that you reap their results in future- immediate, mid term, long term or in future life. Your action also gives not only appropriate results but also in several multiples.

Think over. 



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