Media Response : Taxing the poor

Media Response February 21, 2022 Taxing the poor This refers to the article "Some taxing issues in India's fiscal policy" (The Hindu Business Line, February 21). The observation "It is a myth that the poor don't pay taxes as they pay a significant amount through indirect taxes" is very true. Historically, whatever be the nature and form of government, world over, decisions on taxation policy has been the prerogative of the rich and the mighty. By now wealth adequate for few generations of the entire world population to live comfortably for at least two generations has been accumulated and is idling unmapped and unaccounted. High time we had a serious look at profit-making and taxation policies. Mainstreaming unaccounted domestic resources, taxing agricultural income, shifting focus of taxation from income to expenditure and investment/savings are ideas whose time has come. As regards transparency in resources mobilisation and reducing living expenses of the lower income groups, Delhi government has done some renovations successfully in the recent past. M G Warrier Thiruvananthapuram


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