Warrier's Collage February 16, 2022

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Wednesday, February 16, 2022 (Midweek Edition) 1) A different view https://youtu.be/xNc-xhH8kkk (Link Courtesy ; Dr T V Gopalakrishnan) 2) ISRO Launch https://youtu.be/3fGDXyRYLKQ 3) A College with a difference https://youtu.be/CHnT28Rnww8 (Link Courtesy : Kiran Warrier) Subrato Bagchi & Parthasarathy contributed... https://m.timesofindia.com/city/bengaluru/bagchis-and-parthasarathys-give-425-crore-for-iisc-hosp/amp_articleshow/89577703.cms Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier A Responses 1) K Ramasubramanian Nice coverage with madam unique views and Shri Babusenan with literary splendour Others add spice to collage Thank you 2) Vishnu Kelkar D Valentines Day "True love ever wins' says Madam. Yes. We find every year there are protests from many quarters especially political parties on Valentine's Day celebrations as it is influence of Western culture. With economic liberalisation the young boys and girls especially from middle class found it exciting to display love and affection openly in public places. The celebrations do create law and order problems at some places. There are sporadic cases of acid attacks emerging from one sided affair. Asaram Bapu had suggested that the day be celebrated as 'Parents Worship Day'. Let us see what happens on the upcoming Valentines Day. B Current Affairs RBI Recruitment https://mahasarkar.co.in/rbi-assistant-bharti/ RBI Assistant Bharti 2022 : RBI (Reserve Bank of India) announces new Recruitment to Fulfill the Vacancies For the posts Assistant. Eligible candidates are directed to submit their application online through https://opportunities.rbi.org.in/ this Website. Total 950 Vacant Posts have been announced by RBI (Reserve Bank of India) Recruitment Board, Mumbai in the advertisement February 2022. Last date to submit application is 8th March 2022. 1) ISRO Satellite Launch Know more : https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/pslvc52-lifts-off-with-earth-observation-and-2-small-satellites-101644799658548.html Isro's PSLV-C52 lifts off with earth observation and 2 small satellites The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C52) blasted off at 05:59am from the first launch Pad of Satish Dhawan Space Centre, marking the space agency's first mission launch in 2022. Collage reader SK Gupta, Ex-RBI wrote in The Hindu Business Line on February 15, 2022 : Apropos 'ISRO successfully launches Earth Observation Satellite, two other co-passengers on PSLV-C52' (February 14), it has unquestionably added glory to the ISRO when it successfully launched Earth Observation Satellite EOS-04, into an intended sun-synchronous polar orbit of 529 km altitude, from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, SHAR, Sriharikota. Notably, this was the 80th launch vehicle mission from SDSC SHAR, Sriharikota; 54th flight of PSLV; and the 23rd flight of PSLV in XL configuration (6 strap-on motors). Being a Radar Imaging Satellite, it is designed to provide high-quality images under all weather conditions for applications such as agriculture, forestry and plantations, soil moisture and hydrology and flood mapping and has a mission life of 10 years. While our all fellow countrymen must be truly overwhelmed and proud of ISRO which has thereby added some more feathers to its cap, one earnestly hopes some 'self centered' political leaders do not question its credentials. SK Gupta New Delhi 2) Budget 2022-23 https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/third-eye/budget-2022-a-future-vision-of-india-41201/ Excerpts : Driving Access To Health The government’s commitment to increasing health spending cannot be overlooked. In tandem with the vision of 2.5 percent of GDP by 2025, between the Union and State governments, the budgeted expenditure on health was 2.1 percent of GDP in 2021-22 against 1.3 percent in 2019-20. The sector must now work towards sustaining this momentum, and increasing the envisaged spend to 3 percent by 2025 in addition to the budgetary allocation for R&D. 3) Media Response February 14, 2022 Monetary Policy and Growth This refers to the article "Rising WPI could upset RBI projections" (The Hindu Business Line, February 14). Since S S Tarpore days, this paper is relied on for balanced comments on monetary and fiscal policies. Business Line has never disappointed it's readers. The recent harmonization of monetary and fiscal policies needs special appreciation. One positive impact of pandemic is the delinkig of individual country's development and growth concerns from international comparisons. My perception is that India has benefited from this. Having said that, economic growth is essential for mobilisation of resources necessary for meeting past commitments and future funding needs. The change in ownership of Air India and partial divestment of stake in LIC are steps in the right direction. Beyond WPI and CPI fluctuations, whether Indian Economy will be out of the woods during the current decade will depend on the will of the people and government to manage domestic resources professionally. Present signals are positive. M G Warrier Thiruvananthapuram 4) Controversy over a pledge* WMA declaration of Geneva 68th WMA General Assembly, Chicago, United States, October 2017 The Physician's Pledge AS A MEMBER OF THE MEDICAL PROFESSION: I SOLEMNLY PLEDGE to dedicate my life to the service of humanity; THE HEALTH AND WELL-BEING OF MY PATIENT will be my first consideration; I WILL RESPECT the autonomy and dignity of my patient; I WILL MAINTAIN the utmost respect for human life; I WILL NOT PERMIT considerations of age, disease or disability, creed, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, political affiliation, race, sexual orientation, social standing or any other factor to intervene between my duty and my patient; I WILL RESPECT the secrets that are confided in me, even after the patient has died; I WILL PRACTISE my profession with conscience and dignity and in accordance with good medical practice; I WILL FOSTER the honour and noble traditions of the medical profession; I WILL GIVE to my teachers, colleagues, and students the respect and gratitude that is their due; I WILL SHARE my medical knowledge for the benefit of the patient and the advancement of healthcare; I WILL ATTEND TO my own health, well-being, and abilities in order to provide care of the highest standard; I WILL NOT USE my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat; I MAKE THESE PROMISES solemnly, freely, and upon my honour. https://www.wma.net/policies-post/wma-declaration-of-geneva/ ( *"The central government wants to change Hippocrates Oath to Charaka prathijna", says Dr T V Surendran Mananthavady. Know more : https://www.firstpost.com/india/explained-what-the-hippocratic-oath-is-and-proposal-of-replacing-it-with-charak-shapath-10366711.html Excerpts : "Hindustan Times reported that another document providing highlights of the video conference of NMC’s undergraduate medical board that was held on 7 February said reason for putting forward the proposal for replacement of Hippocratic oath with Charak Shapath was that “Charak belonged to our motherland — oath-taking to be conducted during White Coat Ceremony in local languages/vernaculars.” Originally written in Sanskrit, but now translated into Hindi and English, a quote from Charak Shapath says, “Not for the self, Not for the fulfillment of any worldly material desire or gain, But solely for the good of suffering humanity, I will treat my patient and excel all." 5) CSR and Lata Mangeshkar* https://thecsrjournal.in/life-philanthropy-singer-lata-mangeshkar-tribute/ Excerpts : "Philanthropy of Lata Mangeshkar Aside from her melody, Mangeshkar also gave the people of the country a helping hand whenever they needed it. Her acts of philanthropy endeared her further to her fans. Let us look at some of the philanthropic activities that Lata Mangeshkar did in her life time." *Link Courtesy : Madan Gauria C Books 1) V Babusenan : Biography of Bertrand Russell* https://www.indulekha.com/bertrand-russell-biograpgy-v-babusenan V Babusenan shares a fond memory : "A 2012 Malayalam movie 'Spirit' was a spirited attempt at depicting the evils of the bottle. There is a beautiful song in it which starts thus: "Mazhakondu maatram Mulaykkunna vitthukal Chilathundu mannin manassil" (There are some seeds in the mind of the soil which sprout only when it rains.) This song has a special appeal to me and I shall try to explain why it is so. It was the year1970. I was attached to the team that was inspecting a major commercial bank in Thrissur. After the day's tiring work, we were enjoying coffee at the Indian Coffee House. The evening news announced the passing away of the world famous British philosopher Bertrand Russell. I had read one or two of his books during my teaching career and was much impressed by his sparkling style of writing. A thought suddenly occurred to me : Why can't I try to write a book on him, of course, in Malayalam? The seed that fell into my mind on that evening of 2nd February 1970 lay like that for well over two decades waiting for the appropriate rain to sprout! The rain came in the form of Mahakavi Dr. M P Appan. I remember to have briefly mentioned him in one of my writings. Esteemed readers are aware of three great poets who were contemporaries and enriched Malayalam literature in the early 20th century. They were Ulloor S Parameswara Iyer, Kumaran Asan and Vallatthol Narayana Menon. Dr Appan can be rightly regarded as the last poet in their tradition. I consider myself fortunate in having been able to settle down, after retirement, not far away from that great poet's abode 'Prasadam'. I happened to become undeservedly the Secretary of the residents' association of which he was the Patron. This helped me to know him better and he used to regale me with literary anecdotes of which he was full. One day the talk was about his own poems. I ventured to say that the clarity and precision of his poems was mainly on account of his being a teacher of mathematics. That pleased him and he said that he was an admirer of Bertrand Russell. Until then I had not disclosed to him that I was writing the latter's biography. Something in me prompted me to divulge my secret. He was overjoyed to hear that and, being a very frank person, he did not hide his happiness. Until that moment, I was actually haunted by the fear that I had undertaken a task much beyond my limited abilities- like Kalidasa's idiot venturing to cross the ocean in a decrepit boat! That thought left me suddenly and I felt a new propelling force filling my mind. The work progressed with the whole-hearted co-operation of the British Library. One fine morning, the helper of the great poet came with a letter from him. It was a poem in Malayalam addressed to Bertrand Russell, the content of which I am giving below : "The great Bertrand Russell, In my younger days I could grasp a few fragments of your great mind. Even in this old age of infirmities, I feel fortunate in knowing more of it, world teacher. The subject of mathematics manifested in both of us-of course, in you as in the sun's rays and in me as in an ant. Now that my younger brother Babusenan, resident of 'Lumbini', is writing a book on you, my fervent prayer to God Almighty this morning is that the book be of help for readers to know you better. While I do this, I have not forgotten that you did not believe in God." The book came out as a bulky one of 400 pages in September 2002. When I presented the first copy to him, he said with a smile : "This will fetch you great recognition." During the next year when the Chairman of the Kerala Sahitya Academy( the celebrated lyricist Yusuf Ali Kechery) gave me the award for the best biography, I remembered what the great poet said and I could not control my tears." V Babusenan (*The website says the book is "out of stock". Let's wait for the next edition 🙏-Warrier) 2) M G Warrier : Author Page : M G Warrier https://notionpress.com/author/m_g_warrier Excerpts : M G Warrier M G Warrier is a retired central banker who worked as a general manager in the Reserve Bank of India office in Mumbai. Post-retirement, till last year, he has been regularly writing articles for The Global ANALYST, a monthly business and finance magazine. In 2014, he published his first book, Banking, Reforms & Corruption: Development Issues in 21st Century India. His second book, India's Decade of Reforms was published in 2018. Before joining RBI, Warrier worked in the Employees Provident Fund Organization in Kerala and AG's Office, Thiruvananthapuram. Warrier's latest book, "Restoring TRUST in Governance" was published by Notion Press in 2020 which is also available at major online sales outlets like Amazon and Flipkart. D Spirituality/Faith : Dr Charan Singh charan singh (@CharanSingh60) Tweeted: Unity in Diversity - 161 काली कोइल तू कित गुन काली अपने प्रीतम के हउ बिरहै जाली पिरहि बिहून कतहि सुखु पाए जा होइ क्रिपालु ता प्रभू मिलाए Why r u black, Oh Cuckoo? Burnt black due to separation from God Kind God can unite & provide peace/bliss Farid, 794, SGGS https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1492529698676834307?s=20&t=YJyr-He0co90c04zI4R9KA charan singh (@CharanSingh60) Tweeted: Unity in Diversity - 162 देव सथानै किआ नीसाणी तह बाजे सबद अनाहद बाणी तह चंदु न सूरजु पउणु न पाणी साखी जागी गुरमुखि जाणी Signs of Divinity? Guru's Teaching become important to illuminate/uplift the mind Celestial music heard Gurmukh understands Beni, Ramkali, 974, SGGS https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1492982475462950912?s=20&t=oQJWu_RzhFpuxk9snmiQAA charan singh (@CharanSingh60) Tweeted: Unity in Diversity - 163 जोति समाइ समानी जा कै अछली प्रभु पहिचानिआ धंनै धनु पाइआ धरणीधरु मिलि जन संत समानिआ Once, divine light abides in heart, undeceivable (by temptation) God is found within with help of company of devotees/seekers Dhana, Raag Assa, 487, SGGS https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1493282070688563200?s=20&t=Zt4oT1179wisuzZrdhU0Uw E Healthcare Healthcare : Skeletal changes in the elderly A talk by Dr A Premachandran* https://youtu.be/mPGEibgVmqM *Link Courtesy : Dr T V Surendran Mananthavady. The speaker is Surendran's batchmate in Kozhikode Medical College Fruits : Apple Daily Mirror* This is why you should eat apples. 1) They are rich in potassium, which helps control your blood pressure. 2)Apples are high in soluble fibre, which we need to support a healthy digestive system. It also makes you feel fuller for longer, thereby reducing appetite and overeating. 3) They are a good source of vitamin A and C, which support the immune system, and vitamin K, needed for blood clotting. 4) Apples contain antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin that may help lower the risk of cancer. *Forward received from Vishnu Kelkar via Group Email F Readers' Contribution 1) Vedic Clock @ Pune University* https://90rollsroyces.com/2020/05/25/an-amazing-clock/amp/ Wonderful way of creating awareness among the Sanskrit language students of Pune University about our santana culture. See what Vedic clock says. 1. Brahma is one. एको ब्रह्म द्वितीयो नास्ति । 2. Two Ashwinikumars. The Ashvins (aka Asvins, Asvinau, or Asvini Kumaras) are two twin brothers of Hindu mythology, sons of the sun god Surya. They are also known as the 'Horsemen' and are forever young, handsome, and athletic. They are considered the physicians of the gods. 3. त्रिगुणाः - सत्व, रज, तम. 4. चतुर्वेदा: - ऋग्वेद, यजुर्वेद, सामवेद, अथर्ववेद. 5. पंचप्राणाः - अपान, समान, प्राण, उदान, व्यान. 6. षड्रस: - मधुर, अमल, लवण, कटु, तिक्त, कसाय. Each of these six tastes signify the balance of the five elements of nature - earth and water (sweet), earth and fire (sour), water and fire (salty), fire and air (pungent), air and ether (bitter) and earth and air (astringent). 7. सप्तर्षयः- Kashyap, Atri, Bharadwaj, Vishwamitra, Gautama, Jamadagni, Vashishtha (अत्रि, भारद्वाज, विश्वामित्र, गौतम, जमदग्नि, वशिष्ठ.) 8. सिद्धि - अणिमा, महिमा, लघिमा, गरिमा, प्राप्ति, प्राकाम्य, इशित्व, वशित्व. Aṇimā: the ability to become smaller than the smallest, reducing one's body to the size of an atom or even become invisible. Mahimā: the ability to become infinitely large, expanding one's body to an infinitely large size. Laghimā: the ability to become weightless or lighter than anything Garimā”: the ability to become heavy or dense Prāpti: the ability to instantaneously summon any item the user is aware of at any given moment. Prākāmya: the ability to achieve or realize whatever one desires. Īśiṭva: the ability to control nature, individuals, organisms, etc.. Supremacy over nature and ability to force influence upon anyone. Vaśiṭva: the ability to control all material elements or natural forces 9. नवद्रव्याणि - Nine types of funds: पद्म, महापद्म, नील, शंख, मुकुंद, नंद, मकर, कच्छप, खर्व. 10. दशदिशाः ten directions. 11. Rudra: कपाली, पिंगल, भीम, विरुपाक्ष, विलोहित, शास्ता, अजपाद, अहिर्बुध्न्य, शम्भु, चण्ड, भव. 12.Adityas: Dhata, Aryaman, Mitra, Varuna, Indra, Vivasvan, Tvashtha, Vishnu, Amshuman, Bhaga, Pusha, Parjanya . VNKelkar *Content Courtesy : Vishnu Kelkar Pune 2) Strange experience : Vivek Amin My *first hour* experience at Guwahati Christian Basti quarters on my transfer in June 2005. I landed at Guwahati and straightway went to a hotel and thereafter was alloted a Bank flat on sharing basis arranged by my old colleague already posted there. On Sunday afternoon I took possession. As my colleague was on tour I sat on sofa and started watching TV. Suddenly I felt that somebody is behind me and after turning back saw nothing. I felt that something like a Ghost may be there in this flat. But without wasting time I took flat keys and ran to open ground but saw nobody. I straightway went to Security Guard and tried to cool down. Again I realised something behind me and shaking me. The Security Guard saw my face turning pale and told me that here in Guwahati we frequent experience earthquakes. On hearing this I regained normalcy and returned to my flat. That 15 minutes were a horrifying experience. G Collage Essay : Vathsala Jayaraman "PRINCIPLED"!* “Those are my principles. If you don't like them, well, I have others” once said Groucho Marx. I always wonder if there can be a sentence that typifies flexibility more aptly than this one! I certainly belong to Groucho's school when it comes to being principled. I frankly do not understand what is it that is called being principled. What does it really involve? The axiom, one man's food is another man's poison, applies to principles too. Sarojini once exclaimed how much the Government had to spend to keep Gandhiji in poverty! The principled people never really bother about how much hardship they cause to others by their strict adherence to their principles. It is one thing to stand committed to certain strong beliefs and no one can fault anyone on that. But if such a commitment is going to cause hardship to others, then, by being a principled person, we can only cause pain to others. Principle is defined as guideline to conduct. It naturally follows that a person's conduct is determined by what he holds as principles. If the principles are obnoxious, so will the conduct be. If you have a principle that you will not have your morning coffee until you have read your newspaper, it should be ok with everyone but if you have an addendum to it that no one shall have coffee until you have had yours, it creates friction. While the first principle is unobtrusive and does not infringe on others' rights, the second has a far-reaching effect. It can have a catastrophic chain reaction that may snowball into something on the lines of Mutiny on the Bounty! My point is why should anyone be principled at all? Draw a circle around a couple of ants with an anti-termite chalk like Lakshman Rekha and see how miserable they become not knowing which side to go. Our principles have a similar effect on us. The problem is confounded if you have practiced your principles for a fairly long time. Everything becomes a‘prestige issue' for you and you find giving in too difficult. I always believe that much of the happiness comes out of our ability to compromise. In Tamil, there is a classic word for too much adherence to principles. It is called‘varattu gowravam. I have seen many families ruined by such uncompromising attitude on the part of the heads of families. I am happy that more and more people are realizing that being a principled person is like climbing Everest with a 50kg iron ball tied to the legs. There are still a few left and I run for cover if I sight them! My parents held many basic values which they lived by, but no philosophical or unshakeable principles which dictated every moment of their lives. Maybe that is why they lived a simple, serene life full of love all along. My neighbour was working in TNEB for 42 years... He had a very strict principle that he will not accept any bribe and he followed all through his career... Now on retirement, one of his friends relative, an auditor asked him to be in his office to look after the admin etc... One day he was asked to hand over a packet to one person in IT Office, as there was no one there to go.... Now, that was his last day in that office... If your company is bidding for a huge order, but the award of the contract will involve some kick-back. This particular order will be highly profitable to your company. Your boss wants you to handle the kick back transaction. If you refuse to handle it on account of your avowed principles, the Company might lose the order. What would be your stand? Being principled, troubles not only others but troubles oneself also. Whenever I have to compromise on certain principles not to trouble others, I face a big agony. My conscience which is the supreme judge does not allow me to be peaceful after compromising on principles. At the same time when I stand on my principles, my conscience looks upon me proudly and I feel a sense of achievement. On the lighter side, here is a joke on principles. Once at a social gathering, Gladstone said to Disraeli, "I predict, Sir, that you will die either by hanging or of some vile disease". Disraeli replied, "That all depends, sir, upon whether I embrace your principles or your mistress." We all have, or at least most of us have certain core principles. It would be very tough for us to compromise on them but at the same time our refusal to compromise on them might hurt someone else very badly. In my opinion, it would be like telling a lie to save a life! Adhering to the principles has two dimensions. If we are working for someone, doing what is expected of us is Dharma. Like Karna's 'Senchotrukkadan'. We must do our duty unless we have strong grounds to believe that what we are asked to do will be highly detrimental to our employer's interest. But refusing to do our duty on the grounds of personal ethics is uncalled for as the Lord Himself tells Arjuna. But in today's Corporate set up where we are just a cog in the wheel, it is more difficult to hold on to one's principles if they run counter to the policy of the employer. I wonder if it is wise to resign one's job if he is in an excellent position in a multinational if he is asked to hand over a 'cover' to a Government employee for favours received by the Company! In this rat race called life, the first and the foremost is winning. Then again to be selfish is alright if it is practised within limits. There is a danger of such a person becoming ruthless and a menace to the society. I agree with you that a little bit of compromise now and then will impart joy to all concerned... at what cost or upto what level.... My point is why should anyone be principled at all? Everything becomes a‘prestige issue’ for you and you find giving in too difficult. I always believe that much of the happiness comes out of our ability to compromise. In Tamil, there is a classic word for too much adherence to principles. It is called‘varattu gowravam. I have seen many families ruined by such uncompromising attitude on the part of the heads of families. 1) I have a 23 years old daughter who loves this wonderful boy. Everything checks out well except one little thing that goes against my principle. The boy's parents demand things that goes against my principle. What should I do? 2) I have a son who is 18 years old and needs admission into a specific Engineering college. I have a friend who has considerable influence in this college and his word will admit my son in the college. But I have this little principle that I won't get anything through unfair means. What should I do? 3) I have a business and I have an opportunity to expand the business through exports. My staff are excited about this wonderful opportunity. I need this one little license that I can't obtain without a bribe. I have a principle not to give bribe. What should I do? 4) I have a Guru who has been my mentor for years. My principle in spirituality supersedes everything in life. One fine day he tells me that if I renounce my family and my family life, I have a bright inspiring realization opportunity. What should I do? In all of the above, I would definitely compromise on my principle. I am not ashamed of saying this because it affects other people other than myself. I would compromise on the righteousness on the first three examples and make people around me happy and take the sin whereas in the last example, I will stay with the righteousness by considering living with my family as my duty even if I am condemned for many more lives. Even Avatar Krishna made some compromises from righteousness to win the Mahabaratha war, sometimes by stepping on the chariot's wheel, by going as a Brahmin asking for the armor that Karna was wearing, telling that one's son is dead when actually He was referring to an elephant, etc. Even in an avatar that is made for righteousness, Vali vadham appears to be a stretch of righteousness at best. Harichandra was the only story that stands for truth/righteousness and only other person who appeared to have talked about in public and practiced his principle was Mahatma Gandhi. We live in the world of Kamsa who did not bather about killing innocent children for his own welfare and we live in the world of Hiranya Kasibu who ordered killing his son as he was worshiper of Narayana to satisfy his ego that everyone in the world was supposed to worship him. I am not suggesting that we should compromise for our own sake but at least we could compromise for the benefit of others who are in desperate need of something. Conscience in most cases acts like a chameleon. There is a concept of 'self convincing conscience'. This conscience is a deeper one unlike its pretender on the surface. This deeper conscience is universally the same but our life style and the challenges we face have made it dormant in most cases. The one which we follow is an unworthy image of the true, constant, unalterable conscience. Vathsala Jayaraman *Received via Group mail (Exhaustive coverage. On such issues multiple views depending on the person's background and experience in life are possible. One need not agree or disagree but try to understand the different dimensions. I have been and am selective in disclosing my principles. I believe, beyond obeying law and society's guidelines, belief and principles are personal issues which should be left for individual's choice. I've observed that "successful" individuals, at some stage, would have compromised one or more principles which others consider sacrosanct. We have many living examples. Among industrialists, politicians and even technocrats... 🙏-Warrier)


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