Warrier's Collage March 1, 2022

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Tuesday, March 1, 2022 1) Fire and Ice* : Robert Frost https://youtu.be/MV4H41R7Wpk (Link Courtesy : Edassery Madhavan Thrissur) *Lyrics : https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/44263/fire-and-ice 2) Shivathandavam https://youtu.be/hMBKmQEPNzI Good Morning Today is Mahashivratri While sharing yesterday's Collage via WhatsApp I attached the photo of Vilwa tree received from Vishnu Kelkar. I was happy to see the attachment appearing at the top and "Collage" following. Within an hour I received 20 WhatsApp messages about the photo, as only the photo got transmitted to my contacts. Result of my poor level of technology awareness. I never knew my morning messages had this much readership. I used "share application" now and resent the full message to many of my readers. I enjoy learning by committing blunders, which I am used to 🙏-Warrier https://images.app.goo.gl/AzMUAxL3dJRGzdB4A Nice Day M G Warrier M A Messages 1) Uzhuthra Warrier Kharghar Ref : Chapter 4 of "My Story So Far"* Your stint in AG's office must have stood in good stead in your later assignment. I had served seven years in AGs office of Bombay. Despite our role of nitpicking, monotonous bordering on cuynisism in hindsight one cannot deny that it is essential dealing with poor taxpayers money. The system is failproof and hardly even minute errors in accounting gets pointed out.Whatever in drafting,I learnt it was from AGs office.The remarks of AG in minimum words examples of precision and clarity. No ambiguity or vagueness could be seen in those rare notings I had the opportunity to see. I had gone on local audit of PWD where I could see the corruption induced by top bureaucrats and politicians the officials were compelled to indulge. PWD was the milch cow for them even in the good old days of 1950s and 60s when the level had degenerated to the present level of what Vinod Rai had unraveled. The first CAG of Independent India Narihari Rao said that an auditor should be like a "Nagging wife". (Perhaps E X Joseph and you were in Bombay AG's Office almost during the same period 🙏) *https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/my-story-so-far-chapter-4-survival-techniques-41470/ 2) Jyothilakshmi Anil Kumar I enjoyed reading your write up about Shivaratri celebration in your childhood days. The 1950's. Very nice description about the celebration style in those days. We still have utsavams during this time of the year at many kshetrams across Kerala. Good effort by the temple authorities for upholding the culture and tradition. (Thanks for sharing your thoughts. What I remember more in the context of Shivaratri is about the tender coconuts which came in hundreds for "Abhishekam" from which my father used save some which we enjoyed for a few days from Shivaratri. After about a week they used to taste different) B Current Affairs Experience* A Medical student studying from one of the Medical Colleges in Ukraine came to me a few months back requesting me to allow her to see some cases in OP as the institution she is studying is not attached to any hospital and the students were taught only theories and that she was in III year. She remained with me in the OP and was happy to see some cases. She knew theory well and was very interested to see cases. When I was admitted for treatment I requested Dr. Gafoor MD, our Physician to show her some cases and he took care of her. When I returned after treatment, she was still there as her regular classes did not start due to Covid. She left for Ukraine in the month of December and I was embarrassed when she knelt down and touched my feet in gratitude. She was very hapy to learn a few basics of clinical examination from me and the Physician. She was surprised to hear from me about the way we were trained seeing cases from Hospital. There was no Hospital for any Medical College in Ukraine. So imagine about the coaching they get. Huge amount is paid to get admission through agencies as Capitation fee and also for the travel, hostel fee etc. It is estimated that there are 45 Medical Colleges in Ukraine and a good number of Malayali students are studying there. *Forward received from Dr T V Surendran Mananthavady C Mahashivratri 1) Rudraksha trees/beads (a) Rudraksha trees https://www.rudraksha-ratna.com/articles/rudraksha-tree (b) Rudraksha beads https://m.timesofindia.com/astrology/gemstones/benefits-of-wearing-the-rudraksha/amp_articleshow/68204848.cms D Nostalgic memories Mahashivratri : Some childhood memories M G Warrier I have nostalgic childhood memories about Mahashivratri. Let me take you back in time to the 1950's when I was in school. My father, a Namboodiri, was temple-priest in a Shiva temple in a remote village in Malabar from circa 1920's to 1959-60. My elder sister and I stayed with him inside the temple during our school days. This Shiva temple was owned by a local Royal family. By 1950's that family's fortunes started sagging due to various developments. Still, the one festival which was associated with the temple, namely Mahashivratri, was celebrated by the whole population of the village elaborately. I was present there during seven Shivaratri celebrations. Few days prior to the Mahashivratri, offerings which mostly were ingredients to be used for worship, decoration of the Deity and the temple premises and feeding the devotees who will gather in the temple premises on the festival day (many would return home only the next day as keeping awake on the Shivaratri night is part of the Shivaratri Vratham). Items brought by devotees included rice, oil, hundreds of tender coconuts for "Abhishekam", flowers, Jaggery, dry ginger (Jaggery and dry ginger are used to make "PANAKAM", a drink served lavishly to devotees remaining awake during the night) and so on. The whole night there would be entertainment programmes in the temple premises. Such programmes included Kathakali, Chakyar Koothu, Ottam Thullal, Discourses by Swamys and even "Kathaprasamgam". For us children the day and night used to leave pleasant memories of a get together every year. ****. ****. **** E Bad Banks : Cross-country experiences https://m.rbi.org.in/Scripts/BS_ViewBulletin.aspx?Id=20814 The cross-country experience in management of non-performing assets (NPAs) suggests that the establishment of a bad bank proves most effective when it has adequate government and legal backing. In the Indian context, the setting up of the National Asset Reconstruction Company Ltd. (NARCL), with a clear mandate and an explicit government guarantee, will help in alleviating the financial stress on commercial banks. NARCL will be an additional mechanism for resolution of large stressed assets, complementing the activities of existing asset management companies. Going forward, continued commitment, professional staff and transparency in operation will help in making the exercise cost and time effective. F Leisure Received from A P Ramadurai This is hilarious... "Mumbai is amazing due to the helping nature of its people! I boarded a fast local train. I asked my co-passengers, "Which side will be the Malad platform? I have to get down there." My co-passengers shook their head and told me, "Brother, this is a fast local. It will not stop at Malad." Seeing that I was getting nervous my co-travelers reassured me : "Don't panic. The train always slows down every day as it passes Malad. As soon as the local train slows down passing Malad, you can step out of the running train." "As long as you hit the platform start running hard in the same direction the train is moving & you will not fall and hurt yourself." Once the train slowed down passing Malad the co-travelers asked me to jump out of the running train. As instructed, I jumped on to the platform and ran as fast as I could, so as to not fall and hurt myself. I ran so fast, I soon made it to the next coach ahead. The passengers from that other coach were equally helpful. Someone grabbed my arm, another grabbed my shirt and a third grabbed me by my trouser belt. Together they dragged me in to the local as it was picking up speed again as it sped towards Borivali. My new co-passengers all smiles, said to me, "Brother, you are lucky that we got you in time. This is a fast local. Malad is not a scheduled stop. Mumbaikars are very helpful indeed. G Inspirational Quotes https://peacealliance.org/tools-education/peace-inspirational-quotes/ Excerpts : “Peace comes from being able to contribute the best that we have, and all that we are, toward creating a world that supports everyone. But it is also securing the space for others to contribute the best that they have and all that they are.” “Take your light and take your love into the world as the only weapons that we need to make this world truly glorious, truly beautiful, and astonish all of life.” “We intend to make this world the most beautiful, glorious planet that any human being can imagine and, really, beyond anything any human being can imagine.” “Guard your light and protect it. Move it forward into the world and be fully confident that if we connect light to light to light, and join the lights together of the one billion young people in our world today, we will be enough to set our whole planet aglow."


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