Speed up administration of justice

The following response published in The Hindu Business Line today : Letters February 16, 2022 Speed up administration of justice This refers to your editorial "Fall from grace" (February 16). Negative stories have a longer shelf life in our minds and in the media. Leaving the subject matter of your editorial, if we think dispassionately, we will find, in the recent past, a major portion of pages and time of mainstream media -leave alone Social Media- gets allocated for sensational negative news and discussions. This trend is visible in discourses and debates in legislatures across the country also. One reason could be, it is easy to criticize. But it's not that simple. We have evolved the politics of opposition for decades now. We wait for adverse things to happen and then criticize. Prevention is always better than cure. Across the world, people who manage institutions including courts and governments happen to be a cross-section of the society they belong to. There's nothing unnatural in the infiltration of undesirable and unscrupulous elements at various levels in organisations irrespective of their public or private ownership. The delay in law enforcement and bending and breaking of laws to delay detection of crime and administration of justice encourage criminals to flourish. The solution lies in making judiciary and supervisory and regulatory organizations more efficient and effective. M G Warrier Thiruvananthapuram Media Response https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/opinion/letters/letters-to-the-editor/article65055746.ece


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