In-flight misbehavior

January 9, 2023 In-flight misbehavior This refers to the piece "In-flight trauma" (The Hindu Business Line, From the Viewsroom, January 9). Today, among other reports on the subject in the media, there's also a solemn assurance from Tata Sons chief N Chandrasekharan that "all processes in AI will be repaired". According to an earlier report the insane behaviour of the drunkard passenger has resulted in losing his job. Hopefully, this unfortunate incident involving a VP of a corporate and a reputed airline will trigger a long overdue review of on-board alcohol service policy by all major airlines. Like non-smoking areas, Airlines could consider non-alcohol raws. If for any reason, alcohol is to be supplied to all passengers in select sectors, it could be made optional and perhaps expensive. In sum, we need not continue all western practices of last Century just to feel on par with developed countries. M G Warrier Mumbai


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