Remain connected, online : M G Warrier Remain connected, online! M G Warrier I'm not a communication expert. But, the art and science of communication has fascinated me since childhood. I'm a slow reader. Still I have used school library, village reading rooms and the newspapers that used to arrive early in the morning in the nearby tea shop. When do we start interacting with others? As an infant, one start smiling when someone makes a welcome noise or shows funny gestures. The urge for communication or interaction remains live so long as one remains active. Question and answer, oral or written communication, print and electronic media, books and magazines are all mediums for communication. While in service, once my immediate 'boss' casually shared a 'secret'. He told me : "Mr Warrier, the other day Mr X and I were discussing about your communication skills in the context of a proposal to give you a placement change. He said, your writing skills outperform your oral communication skills... I'm tempted to agree with him. And I remembered, you lost in the last promotion Interview also?" As we were sitting in a car and our destination had arrived, giving one more evidence to him that my oral communication is not that good, I kept silent. As X was our mutual friend, next day when I met him I was curious to find out what exactly transpired about me, between my boss and him. He repeated what he had told about me : "Yes, I said Mr Warrier is a silent worker. Doesn't make much noise. Minds his own business. I think he fits in to the job profile we are discussing" See how communication works! My boss didn't convey any of these observations and instead summed up a conclusion which he had in mind about me. I refused to accept the change in position when offered to me is not relevant to this context. Sorry, that was a diversion. Coming back to mediums of communication, we started with sign language, followed by words of mouth, written communication and print and technology-aided transmission of information in that order. At this point in time, we are almost in a single point multimedia smartphone age. No idea, what next. Who remembers the evolution from landline to pager to messaging and fast forward to smartphone? Or from Black and White TV to the present day OTT. (For beginners, OTT (over the top) is a means of providing television and film content over the internet at the request and to suit the requirements of the individual consumer. The term itself stands for “over-the-top”, which implies that a content provider is going over the top of existing internet services.) Finally, how the evolution of communication affects our life? Catching up with the fast moving technology is the only option. Simultaneously, sharpen and improve individual communication skills. Ignore what others feel or say about us. Keep improving your skills by practice, updating and never saying "enough is enough". Read, write, talk, share your views. Never ever feel unhappy about negative responses. Remain connected, online! **** **** ****


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