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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Wednesday January 18, 2023 Waterfall Meditation https://youtube.com/shorts/Cve4oiSf58A?feature=share Link shared by Shyamala Mohan Thane Nice Day M G Warrier A Messages/Responses 1) C V Subbaraman V Babusenan's Column mentions about the book titled Why I am Not A Christian by Bertrand Russell as "equally notorious"! This was the first book I read by Russell and found it very interesting!! I now begin to think whether I have a taste for notorious writing! But surely not. I liked a Pak(?) Columnist Shahazad Chaudhury which appeared only a few days back: https://tribune.com.pk/epaper/news/Karachi/2023-01-13/MTdlYTNkZDVmZGU5ZjZiMjAzMzNhN2VlNGUzMWE4YzkucG5n 2) V T Panchapagesan Shared a 2020 Video link https://www.facebook.com/vanarangudi.panchapagesan/videos/2981874468489792/?mibextid=Nif5oz (Thoughts on 90th Birthday) 3) Sitendra Kumar Dear Shri Warrier, A treasure trove called Collage is in my hand containing thought provoking articles. Your comments on 'Spreading India's growth story'* deserves to be critically examined. It's true that what EAM says that 'World admires India for its tech enabled governance, HR' in the context of some notable achievements especially in controlling the spread of Covid 19 (In China, a million people are apprehended to have died), the statement appears to be self delusional as well. India is the poorest country amongst the G 20 in terms of per capita income. our urban infrastructure is in shambles, the problem of unemployment is acute. The states are on path of fiscal profligacy by disbursing freebies including re introduction of OPS and overlooking the dire need of asset creation. Shri Manchanda's sane piece of advice on investment of money in shares vis-à-vis creating deposits in the banks deserves consideration in the context of good amount of arrears we are likely to get. The nostalgia of Bijlee's typical behaviour with you ought to be ignored. Remember, small people take revenge, medium people forgive and great people ignore. So kindly ignore this petty behaviour and laugh it away. In the context of Sweety Supriya's article on 'Restoration of OPS', let's wait for the comments of GOI and judgment by SC on Second National Judicial Pay Commission Report where Justice Reddi had recommended restoration of OPS for judicial officers and sanction of additional pension from the age of 75 instead of 80. The letter is becoming too big, all other articles were good and I must conclude now. Regards, Sitendra Kumar Many thanks 🙏-Warrier 4) V Rangarajan Shared a quote : "I walk slowly but never backwards - Abraham Lincoln" 5) Old is gold : M G Warrier https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/opinion/gold-management-needs-a-makeover/article20449587.ece1 Excerpts : INSTITUTIONAL CHANGE The time is ripe for authorities to think in terms of dedicated professional institutions at the regional/state level, which will handle gold from a banking angle. An apex body should be equipped with linkages for import and export of gold and gold products with borrowing and lending capabilities. States like Kerala have successfully intervened in other similar sectors like chits/ kuris and lotteries, which were also areas of exploitation by vested interests. Private players had to fall in line and function with discipline and self-regulation. Establishment of ‘Gold Corporations' with state participation could also be debated. Such an institution can act as a depository where the gold possession of individuals now in bank lockers and the pledged gold can find a safe shelter, provided the purity can be ensured, and the ‘Corporation' can find the resources and skill to deal in gold and retain the customers' confidence. (The author is former General Manager, RBI.) 6) Collage Profile : Murali Ramakrishnan https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/money-and-banking/a-thing-or-two-i-learnt-as-the-head-of-south-indian-bank/article66382570.ece Excerpts : All the initiatives in identifying core values, massive reorganisation of workforce in both assets and liabilities, transparent performance management processes, introduction of e-learning to upskill functional and soft skills, imbibing quality mindset and technology changes, and aligning completely with the objective of the organisation to justify ‘One Team, One dream’ are critical. We owe our success so far to the 9,000-plus employees spread across over 920 branches and offices. We had town halls involving the entire workforce on a monthly basis so that the alignment happens and employees treat each other with respect. B Current Affairs Budget 2023 https://www.indiatoday.in/business/budget-2023/story/union-budget-2023-finance-minister-nirmala-sitharaman-on-middle-class-expectation-and-demands-2322069-2023-01-16 Budget 2023 : Nirmala Sitharaman shares her plan for the middle class India's middle class, which comprises the biggest portion of the country's population, has high expectations ahead of the upcoming budget on February 1. Here's what Finance Minister Niramala Sitharaman has to say about their expectations. Media Response : M G Warrier January 17, 2023 RBI and Old Pension Scheme This refers to the report "Return to old pension plan is big risk for States, warns RBI" (The Hindu Business Line, January 17). Observations expressing concern about the rising unfunded liabilities of state governments may fit in to the context of the analysis of the pattern of Assets Liability Management in budget exercises. But the negative message about Old Pension Scheme coming from a model employer can be misinterpreted by the powers that abruptly discontinued a benevolent welfare scheme in 2003 without adequate deliberations. Public may not always remember that RBI, having diverse and multiple statutory responsibilities, at times, looks at different subjects from different angles. Even RBI is currently struggling to manage and implement a fully funded pension scheme introduced for its staff in 1990. The need of the hour is a thorough overhaul of the national policy on post-retirement social welfare for the organised workforce across government and public/private sectors. M G Warrier Mumbai C Babusenan's Column Debates* It was one fine evening of a day when the last century was on the threshold of its middle life. One big lecture hall of the University College, Thiruvananthapuram, was full with teachers and students. There was going to take place a discussion on a topic which, like a powerful magnet, had attracted most of the persons, men and women, to that hall. The topic was the relevance of Communism which most intellectuals almost equated with terrorism in those days. When the discussion was announced, a handsome young man stood up from the front row and ascended the platform. He was a brilliant student and the son of the Principal who was a student of Sir C. V. Raman. The young man was to put forward the idea that Communism was a threat to society anywhere. He spoke well. He depended heavily for his material on the famous British thinker Bertrand Russell who had famously equated Communism to a religion and said emphatically that all religions are harmful to society. The speaker was clever in not dragging religions into the discussion. He was a persuasive talker and all listened to him attentively. He concluded his talk by inviting the rival speaker to demolish him if he could. He qualifying his opponent as 'Stalin's grandson'. All enjoyed the appellation. A young man briskly stood up from some back row and walked towards the platform with a beaming smile. He was simply and carelessly dressed in jibba and dhoti and was heavily bespectacled. "I enjoyed like you the qualification my friend has bestowed on me." He began. "Of course, it is not a biological qualification and I thank him for it. Let me without wasting time, present my part of the discussion." Then followed a wonderfully lucid presentation of the essence of Communism in eloquent English. The entire audience listened in rapt attention and, when he finished, there was thunderous applause. No insinuation, no mud-slinging. This wonderful speaker later became a Governor of the Reserve Bank of India who served the country at a very critical juncture. He was Shri. S. Venkitaramanan. Acid tongue and loud voice dominate present day discussions, especially media discussions. Such discussions produce heat and no light. Lack of courtesy and utter intolerance of other opinions are elements which immensely harm the fine fabric of democracy. Very much concerned with this dangerous trend, a Supreme Court Judge observed a few days ago that freedom of speech came with responsibility. The bitter truth is that no amount of advice is going to bear fruit. Only practice will help-practice of the type narrated above. It is never too late. In order to save democracy, it is to be ensured that every college as well as every school (in lower scale, of course, in the latter case) has its debating club. Tennyson in his elegy 'In Memorium' wrote : "We held debate, a band of youthful friends On mind and mart and all the framework of the land". He was referring to the famous debating club in Cambridge known as 'The Apostles' where took place several brilliant arguments between the young G. E. Moore and Bertrand Russell. Recalling these discussions, Lytton Strachey, the well-known author of 'The Eminent Victorians' expressed a wish that the following words be inscribed on his final resting place : 'Here lies a man who knew well both Moore and Russell.' A longer version of the write-up on "Debating Societies" appeared in Collage during February 2022-Warrier D Collage Choice The sad rose https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/the-imaginary-world/the-sad-rose-49238/ Excerpts : "I was caressed by the gardener. Within few seconds, I was cut from my mother, And I started crying. He took me to the flower shop and placed me among few other beautiful roses. After a while, A gorgeous lady came to the shop and she bought me. She took me in her hand and smelled me nervously and then she smiled satisfactorily. After an hour, She threw me on the ground and all my petals started separating from me, It looks like I am dead, but all I want to know is the reason why she hated me while all I did was love humans unconditionally. I am not dead when I am cut from my mother. I am dead when the lady smells me and makes me feel like I am loved by her but then she throws me on the ground." Posted online comments : My comment on the article ' The Sad Rose' is now live on timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog. ' your imagination and presentation are poetic. sometimes, we will stumble upon stories which were never told in the way we perceive. each one of us have different perceptions and styles of presentation. many of us are lazy. keep writing. this is a style unique to you. if you can absorb the feelings of a flower with near accuracy, who knows, tomorrow you will write stories of people and places which can become a new branch of literature. best wishes.' E Vathsala Jayaraman's Column LAUGHING BUDDHA Every one must have seen the statue of "Laughing Buddha". He is also called as the "Happy Man". In actuality he was named Hotei or Pu-Tai is best known as the jolly Laughing Buddha.In China, he is known as the Loving or Friendly One.He is based on an eccentric Chinese Ch'an (Zen) monk who lived over 1,000 years ago and has become a significant part of Buddhist and Shinto culture. Because of this monk's benevolent nature, he came to be regarded as an incarnation of the bodhisattva who will be Maitreya (the Future Buddha). His large protruding stomach and jolly smile have given him the common designation "Laughing Buddha." Continued at H F Leisure 1) Question & Answer : Question from Uzhuthra Warrier, Kharghar : "Hindu Gods are non-Brahmins with exceptions of Vamana and Parashurama who are not counted. Krishna is a lower caste. Pl confirm." Answer from MG Warrier : "There's, if there's, only one God and everything that exists, and do not exist are part and parcel of that God. I've never been initiated to any religion and therefore I am not aware of Gods worshipped by different individuals and groups/religions. My view is, the seeker should find on his own, the answer acceptable to him for such questions" 2) Heavy penalties of impatience* My wife & me had an big argument and we were on "no talk" terms for the last three days... Finally wife said ..... "Now ... I count till 10 .. if you don't talk to me ... I'll go to my parent's home...!" She started counting ... Wife- 1..2..3 ... Myself - .. (silent) ... !!! Wife - 4...5 ... Myself - .... (quiet). Wife - 6...7... Myself - (very happy .. but calm ..) Climax building up... Wife - 9.... Myself - (cheerful in mind ...) Wife........ (Quiet) ... (Quiet) ..... Then with controlled excitement I spurted out .... "Count...count .. why don't you count further.... ??" Wife- Thank God ... !!! You spoke .... otherwise I would have left ... !! (From Autobiography - "Heavy Penalties of Impatience"...) *https://www.terafiq.com/2020/09/heavy-penalties-of-impatience.html?m=1 G Subhashitas https://www.slideshare.net/dokka/sanskrit-subhashitas-with-english-meaning H Continued from E He was truly a great zen master and legend has a great story which is so inspirational for all of us. The jolly good saint that he was used to go from one place to the other.He went to the Town Square and soon people gathered around him. He was so funny looking and always smiling that people used to crowd around him. He would then distribute sweets and small toys to all children who had gathered around him. Then keep his bag down, look to the sky and just start laughing. He used to laugh madly and he was not interested whether other laughed or not. Soon his laughter used to be contagious and all who had gathered would start to laugh. The whole town used to laugh and laugh. After sometime he would pick the bag, which he had kept down, smile to all, and go to the next town. All his life he did only this action and it was said that many people attained Nirvana, enlightenment just through this process.Hence he was called as the laughing Buddha because Buddha is someone who is enlightened and laughter was his unique method. Never before him or never after him such a simple aspect was used to achieve what all humans strive for-moksha or enlightenment. He would rarely speak and once when he was asked to describe his method he told, that he gave sweets to children to symbolically that the more you give, the more comes to you. Thereby he unveiled the secret of "Giving with joy". Children are said to be GOD because they represent the GOD Nature, which is always, be in Present time, smiling and joyful, ego less, and most important is without judge mental mind. The bag represented problems that all humans encounter. We are mistaken that when we have problems, that GOD only gave you a problem and the rest are so happy. The problems appear big because we are associated with it- calling it as "My Problem".Look at a funny phenomenon, if anyone comes to you with any problem of theirs and seek solutions or advice, what you do. You tell them so many solutions so easily as though you are an expert in all the fields in the Universe. However big the others problems are you can solve it so easily, you are a master solver of problems. But then what happens to your own problems. Hmm Hmm it is impossible to find any solution. This happens only because of your attachment and association with the problem. So laughing Buddha said, simple keep your problem down (symbolically keeping the bag down) means "Disassociate with your Problem", "Separate form it" and yes just Laugh. What else can one do? Think and thank GOD that you only have such a small problem as compared to so many others. Whether you laugh or cry the problem is going to be there right. So why not laugh at it. Therein is the magic and mind you no small magic, it is huge, apply it to realize about the power of laughter. On laughing your whole internal chemistry changes and thereby the body produces certain enzymes that are only released in a state of laughter. The problem now looks too tiny and as you pick it (symbolically he picks back the bag before going to the next place) the problem is solved. Such a great zen master was Hotei or Laughing Buddha. So next time you look at the statue of "laughing Buddha" associate with that great teaching he gave all of us, the power of laughter. Each time you see the Laughing Buddha and if it reminds you to laugh, a great work has been done. Whole life Hotei lived in Laughter. And when the time came to pass away, he knew he had to give up his life at an appropriate time. He called his disciples and said that after he passes away, they should immediately burn his body. The disciples were surprised because there was no tradition of burning in Zen. But they followed the master wishes. And as they lit fire to his body, "Fire Works and Crackers" started flying all over. Hotei was so great that just before he died he hid a lot of crackers and rockets in his clothes. So there also he created such laughter by the suddenness of the situation. So Hotei not only lived in laughter all through his life, he also died in laughter. Let us all learn from the great zen master that "It is our birth right to laugh" and "No matter what happens we should come back to laughter". Vathsala Jayaraman


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