Warrier's Collage on Sunday January 1, 2023

common man. PM Modi also went to carry out his usual routine as PM of India. We salute the unique son of his very beloved mother. One is reminded of the act of Vallabbhai Patel who was at Court arguing a case early on. During trial he received a telegram. After winning the case the Judge asked him about the telegram, It was the message of Patel's Mother's death! Such is the caliber of really great leaders. GOD bless our PM great Modi forever! We mourn the death of Hiraba! II Personal My elder sister Saraswathy Echi (91) passed away in Kerala on December 18, 2022. She was with her son and has been bedridden for about an year. Post-Covid, we had visited her twice. As a child, before I learnt swimming, she had saved me from drowning in the tank in our ancestral home. So, I am here... Prayers 🙏-Warrier


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