Art of listening: Modi-Vision

Art of listening: Modi-Vision

This refers to Sanjeeb Mukherjee’s report “CEOs raise questions over multiplicity of regulators” (Business Standard, August 22). Among the living world leaders, Prime Minister Modi is one who has understood the value of listening and ‘making others listen’ in governance. Modi gives his audience enough opportunity to interact, respond and deliberate on policies and issues concerning everyday life of citizens as much as nation’s concerns about economic growth and defense preparedness.
The conscious effort to ensure people’s participation is evident right from his first Independence Day speech from the ramparts of Red Fort in which he mentioned about inadequacy of toilet facilities in schools as a reason for higher school drop-outs among girls to the present interaction with young entrepreneurs and young CEOs. Mann Ki Baat and quick response from PMO to any reference from citizens reassures citizens that airing of grievances is not a one-way traffic.
Seminars and interactions like those being held under the auspices of NITI Aayog serve more purposes than their declared objectives. When professionals meet in such environments, they get opportunity to exchange notes on individual concerns and initiatives with like-minded people in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.
Political leadership, media and analysts need to cover the multi-dimensional impact of such initiatives and give a little more time and space for taking the debates forward in national interest. This is necessary to make the Modi-Vision of “Cooperative Federalism” a reality.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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