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Tracking Aadhaar: Book review of 'Aadhaar: A biometric history of India's 12-digit revolution'...

Demystify Aadhaar
This refers to Udit Misra's brief piece on today's status of Aadhaar (Business Standard, Book Review, August 9). Like NPS (New Pension Scheme later rechristened as National Pension System), Aadhaar too was launched first, without much deliberations, private or public and without having a sound legal backing. 
Political and public support or participation these two received was similar to the backing a prodigal grown up son gets from parents due to the latter's sheer helplessness.
From personal experience while trying to link Aadhaar to my mobile number, I know that Aadhaar database in some regions of the country is yet to become accessible to the agencies which are expected to link the numbers provided to their clientele with Aadhaar numbers.
Where's the hurry? Why not sit back and think about a portable Multi-purpose "Single Identity Number" (SIN) which could be used by Government (including Income-tax department), banks, Passport Office and Election/Ration Card purposes?
Entrust NITI Aayog the job of working out modalities and draft a legislation covering all relevant aspects. This may involve merger of identity databases now available with different authorities including UIDAI and banks.

M G Warrier, Mumbai


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