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M T VasudevanNair
Today's Mathrubhumi Vaaranthappathippu carries a fairly long conversation between Sreekanth Kottakkal and M T Vasudevan Nair. The occasion is M T' 84th Birthday. 
Let's wish M T Happy Birthday and Healthy, Peaceful, Active Years Ahead.
Quoting one of the first sentences from"Report to Greko" which read "I'm not tired. But the sun has set" Sreekanth raised a question, some of us elders face: "Once a person crosses the ripe age of 80, generally there is a saying : "Now, 'anaayaasena maranam'," being a writer and a person with rural upbringing, do these two conflicting thoughts disturb M T?"
M T shared his views thus: 
"So far, no. Everyone will die. No one can make reliable predictions on that. So, no anxieties about that. Thoughts like children didn't move up this way or that way do not add to my worries these days. One anxiety remains: "My work is still in progress; things which are still in mind and not spelt out, work on hand... have dropped many midway. Some left unfinished after starting to write. When I go through old manuscripts, one wonder why I didn't revisit them earlier! Then it strikes, may be, they might not have satisfied my own standards."
Thought of sharing the excerpts, as I found them relevant for many of us, elders, though we're not celebrities like M T.
Thank you Sreekanth for this insightful interview.

M G Warrier


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