Pre-poll gift to govt staff/pensioners?: Biased reporting

Biased reporting
Open the link below to read the published version of my letter responding to the Business Line report (February 20) describing release of DA/DR payable to central government employees/pensioners/family pensioners as pre-poll gift:
M G Warrier
February 20, 2019
Biased reporting
This refers to the Business Line Delhi Bureau report “In pre-poll gift to govt employees, dearness allowance hiked by 3%” (HBL, February 20). Among several cabinet decisions announced on Tuesday, the report chose the six-monthly adjustment of Dearness Allowance to government employees and dearness relief to pensioners and family pensioners which became due effective January 1, 2019 owing to variation in the six-monthly average rise/fall in Consumer Price Index (CPI) which was made as required under the Central Pay Commission report accepted by GOI long back. Calling this adjustment in DA/DR a pre-poll gift is unsympathetic, unfortunate and unethical from reporting angle.
In India, the entire media remains monopolized by media houses ,most of which have allegiance to private sector interests. While the motive behind opposing wage rise in the public sector and for employees in the organized sector is understandable, payment of wages/pension which has become due by government being described as “pre-poll gift” is unacceptable.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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