Big bunglaws in sylvan locales in Munnar (Kerala)

The big bungalows built in sylvan locales- Brings back childhood memories
The link above will take you to an interesting article published in The New Indian Express (After a partition of Goenka Group, the paper in South India is The New Indian Express, while in the North, they retained the original name).
For me, the description of the Munnar bungalow brings back childhood memories (1950's) when I used to accompany my father when he used to visit Kovilakams (palaces where Maharaja and Elaya Rajas- who stand a chance to become Maharaja, when the incumbent Raja passes away: their death is theeppedal- announcement is തീപ്പെട്ടു, their sleep is palliyurakkam- പള്ളിയുറക്കം) and Kottarams (large bungalows where juniors in the Royal families stayed separately with own families). Kadathanad (covering the present Vatakara Taluk) was a small province in old Malabar area. Kadathanad Raja's Kovilakam (a big palace) was in Kuttippuram, some 10km east of Vadakara. Those days, each Kovilakam owned one or more temples, some educational institutions etc. I studied in Kadathanad Raja's High School, Purameri (1952-59)

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